Joseph and His Coat of Many Colors


In a land with golden sands and vast deserts, there lived a boy named Joseph. He was one of twelve brothers, but he was special to his father, Jacob. On Joseph’s birthday, Jacob gave him a gift that made everyone turn and stare—a coat shimmering with many colors, each hue brighter than the last.

“Look at this, brothers!” Joseph exclaimed, twirling around so the coat sparkled in the sun. But his brothers didn’t share his joy. Their eyes filled with envy instead of happiness.

Adding to this, Joseph had dreams—strange dreams, which he excitedly shared. “I dreamt we were all tying bundles of grain,” he began, “and while mine stood tall, all of yours bowed to mine!”

The brothers whispered amongst themselves, “Does he think he will rule over us?” Their jealousy grew more.

One day, while the brothers were tending their sheep, they saw Joseph approaching from a distance, his colourful coat making him easy to spot. An idea sprouted in their minds. “Let’s get rid of him and say a wild animal devoured him,” one brother proposed.

But Reuben, the eldest, said, “No, let’s not harm him. Throw him into this pit instead.” He secretly planned to save Joseph later.

So, when Joseph reached them, they took off his beautiful coat and threw him into the pit.

As they sat down to eat, a caravan of merchants approached. Another brother, Judah, had an idea, “Why hurt our own flesh and blood? Let’s sell him instead.” And that’s what they did. Joseph was sold and taken to Egypt.

Back home, the brothers dipped Joseph’s coat in goat’s blood and showed it to their father, saying, “A wild animal must have attacked him.” Jacob wept for his beloved son.

In Egypt, Joseph faced many challenges, but his wisdom and ability to interpret dreams caught the attention of the Pharaoh. From a slave, Joseph rose to be a powerful man in Egypt.

Years later, a great famine struck, and Joseph’s brothers came to Egypt for food. They didn’t recognize Joseph, but he recognized them.

After testing them and seeing their change of heart, especially when they tried to save their youngest brother, Benjamin, Joseph couldn’t hold back anymore. Tears streamed down his face as he said, “I am Joseph! Your brother!”

The brothers were scared, but Joseph comforted them, “Do not be distressed. It was God’s plan to send me here to save many lives.”

The family reunited, hugging and crying. They settled in Egypt, and Joseph, with his coat of many colors, reminded them that even in our darkest moments, hope and love can shine brightly.

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