Free Audio Bedtime Stories

Listen to our audio bedtime stories for toddlers, kids, teens, and adults alike. Immerse yourself in a soothing experience while sweet voices read aloud your favorite story. Discover a huge selection of free audio stories and morals.

Let these audio stories whisk you away. Enjoy the journey and sweet dreams!

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Frequently Asked Questions

Are all the Audio Stories truly free?

Yes, all the audiobooks on Dream Little Star are completely free to listen to without any action on your part. Just listen and enjoy.

Do I need to sign up to listen?

No sign-up is required to enjoy our audio bedtime stories. Just make sure you bookmark the page and don’t forget to come back.

How often are new audio stories added?

We add new audiobooks and bedtime stories every week.

Can I download the audio bedtime stories to listen offline?

Currently, our platform supports online streaming, but we’re working on introducing an offline feature soon.

Are these audio bedtime stories suitable for children?

Yes, We offer a wide range of stories for all ages. Use the filter option to find tales tailored for kids, teens, or adults.

What’s the audio quality like?

All our audio stories are streamed in high-quality audio. Ensure you have a stable internet connection for the best listening experience.

Can I request a specific story to be read aloud?

Yes, please, you are welcome to suggest titles you’d love to hear.

Are there ads during the audio?

No ads on the audio stories. Enjoy add free.