Pygmalion and Galatea Story


In the sunny land of Cyprus, there lived a talented sculptor named Pygmalion. He spent his days carving beautiful statues, but none as magnificent as his latest creation – a statue of a woman so perfect, he named her Galatea.

Pygmalion gazed at Galatea, his heart filled with admiration. “Oh, Galatea, if only you were real,” he sighed wistfully.

Days turned into weeks, and Pygmalion’s fondness for Galatea grew. He treated her like a real person, bringing her gifts and talking to her about his day.

The festival of Aphrodite, the goddess of love, arrived. Pygmalion made a wish at her altar. “Great Aphrodite, bless me with a love like Galatea,” he whispered.

Aphrodite, moved by Pygmalion’s sincere heart, decided to grant his wish. That night, as Pygmalion returned home, he noticed something miraculous – Galatea was coming to life!

“Galatea, you’re real!” Pygmalion exclaimed in disbelief and joy.

“Yes, Pygmalion, I am here because of your love,” Galatea replied, her voice as gentle as a spring breeze.

Their joy knew no bounds. They talked for hours, laughed, and danced under the starlit sky.

Pygmalion and Galatea’s love story spread across Cyprus, inspiring everyone who heard it. They eventually married and lived a life full of love and happiness, blessed by Aphrodite herself.

As years passed, their love story became a legend, reminding everyone that love can turn even the most unlikely dreams into reality.

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Follow Up Questions

  • How do you think Pygmalion felt when Galatea came to life, and why?
  • What would you do if your favorite creation came to life like Galatea?
  • Why do you think Aphrodite decided to help Pygmalion?

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