23 Simple Riddles For Middle Schoolers with Answer

Are you into puzzles and brain teasers? Great!!, because you’re going to love what we have today a selection of great riddles for middle schoolers with answers.

These riddles aren’t just about having fun; they’re a fantastic way to give your brain a good workout and boost your problem-solving skills.

We’ve picked out riddles that are just the right level of challenge for middle schoolers typically between the ages of 11 and 14. Not too easy that they’re boring, but not so hard that they’re frustrating. They’re perfect for adding some excitement to your classroom, taking a breather from homework, or just exercising your brain a bit.

Are you up for a challenge? Give these riddles a try, and don’t forget to share them with your friends to see who can solve them first. Let the riddle-solving battle begin!

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Best Riddles For Kids Ages 11 to 14

Riddle 1: I’m light as a feather, yet the strongest person can’t hold me for five minutes. What am I?



Riddle 2: I dance in the sky and brush against the earth, touching hearts with my soft or fierce touch. I can sing a gentle song or roar with might, yet I never walk, only fall in sight. What am I?


The Rain

Riddle 3: We come in the night without being called. We are a sailor’s map and a poet’s tears. When the night is gone I vanish from your sight.


The Stars

Riddle 4: What is one thing a young child has that God does not?



Riddle 5: What do teens say when they have trouble with even numbers in their math class?


I can’t even

Riddle 6: Tuesday, Samuel and Jhon went to a restaurant to eat lunch. After eating lunch, they paid the bill. But Samuel and Jhon did not pay the bill, so who did?


Their friend, Tuesday

Riddle 7: If you are running in a race and you just pass the person in second place, what place are you in?


Second place

Riddle 8: I have a thousand wheels, but move I do not. Call me what I am, call me a lot.


A parking lot

Riddle 9: Two cannibals were chatting as they were having their dinner. One complained that he quite disliked his new mother-in-law. What was the advice his companion gave him?


So just finish your vegetables!

Riddle10: What book won’t teachers give you credit for reading?



Riddle 11: If a chemistry and biology teacher goes to a bar, where do they sit?


The periodic table.

Brain Teasers For Middle Schoolers

Riddle 12: Why don’t history teachers want to teach about the Middle Ages?


It takes too many knights.

Riddle 13: What can you do if there is a kidnapping at high school?


You wake him up.

Riddle 14: I am a hot ball of bright light in the sky and I disappear at night. What am I?


The Sun

Riddle 15: I get bigger and rounder with size and come in several bright colors. If you don’t tie me tight, I leak become smaller. But if you poke me, I’ll go “pop” and frighten you! What am I?


A Balloon

Riddle 16: I get wet when I dry and get dirty when I wipe. What am I?


A Towel

Riddle 17: I’m very tall when I’m young but get shorter as I get older. What am I?


A Candle

Riddle 18: I’m a small room, but you can’t enter or leave. But I am a room you can eat. What am I?


A Mushroom

Riddle 19: I don’t have any hands or legs or wings, but I can move everywhere and move very fast and even climb up to the skies. What am I?



Riddle 20: My face will show you someone, but if you look at my back, you’ll see no one. What am I?


A mirror

Riddle 21: I try to reach the sky, yet I’m always stuck to the ground and in a forest, you’ll find me all around. What am I?


A Tree

Riddle 22: I’m made out of the water but I’m strong. I can smash ships to pieces but if there’s too much sun, I’ll break into pieces. What am I?


An Iceberg

Riddle 23: Though I never ask a question, I’m always answered. What am I?


Answer: Telephone

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