Benny and the Easter Song


In a town named Springville, two bunnies hopped along.

Benny was big, and Betty was small. But both sang a sweet Easter song.

“Easter’s here, the sky so blue!” Benny sang with glee.

“Eggs to paint, of every hue!” Betty chirped, jumping by a tree.

Benny loved the color red. Bright as the morning sun.

Betty loved the color blue. Cool when the day was done.

“Red for me!” sang Benny, nose twitching, full of fun.

“Blue for me!” sang Betty, her painting had begun.

Together they hopped, their Easter baskets swinging high.

Through the green meadows, under the clear sky.

They met Mr. Duck, who quacked a hello.
“Paint one yellow, like me, you know?”

Then Mrs. Hen clucked, “Oh, paint one white!”
So, they did, making sure it was just right.

The two bunnies laughed, their song never ends.
“Easter’s here, let’s paint with friends!”

Eggs were painted, in colors so bright.
Red, blue, yellow, and white.

As the day ended, stars began to peek.
Benny and Betty felt sleepy and weak.

“Easter’s done, our song we did sing.”
“Till next year,” they whispered, feeling the joy it’d bring.

Eyes grew heavy, in their burrow, they lay.
Dreaming of colors and the next Easter day.

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