The Great Easter Race

tree bunnies running to find a golden egg

In a quiet town named Green Meadow, there was an annual event that every bunny looked forward to: The Great Easter Race. It wasn’t just any race; it was a race to find the Golden Egg, hidden by the wise old owl, Mr. Feathers. The winner received the honor of being the main helper for … Read more

Benny and the Easter Song

3 eartern bunnies painting eggs

In a town named Springville, two bunnies hopped along. Benny was big, and Betty was small. But both sang a sweet Easter song. “Easter’s here, the sky so blue!” Benny sang with glee. “Eggs to paint, of every hue!” Betty chirped, jumping by a tree. Benny loved the color red. Bright as the morning sun. … Read more

Bella the Bunny’s Big Adventure

a white female bunny hupping in the field

Once upon a time, in a cozy little burrow, lived Bella the Bunny. Bella had soft, white fur and the biggest curiosity in all the forest. One sunny morning, Bella hopped out of her burrow and saw something shiny in the distance. “I wonder what that is?” Bella thought. She hopped and hopped until she … Read more