Echoes of the Lake. Eldridge’s Secret


From the first moment I saw Alex, he captivated me. He was the kind of person who, despite internal struggles, appeared effortlessly composed. His eyes, brimming with an easy confidence, hinted at hidden depths and battles fought in silence.

As I got to know him, I realized he was much like me, only he had mastered the art of navigating life’s challenges in his unique way.

Then there was Savy, the stark contrast to Alex. His life was a whirlwind of chaos, marked by late nights and missed classes. But beyond the disorder, Savy had the biggest heart in town. He was always ready to lend a hand, offering help without a second thought to anyone in need.

I, on the other hand, was the archetypal rebel without a cause. Constantly seeking an escape, I was always on the lookout for the next adventure, as far as my finances and conscience would allow.

You might wonder how three such distinct individuals became best friends. Our unifying bond was a shared passion for mysteries, kindled since our childhood.

After school, we’d eagerly plan our next grand quest. At 12, we embarked on a treasure hunt on the outskirts of town, convinced of finding gold coins. Our failed attempt only fueled our curiosity for other mysteries.

By 17, our childhood quests had faded into fond memories. That is, until a mystery found its way into our lives, changing everything.

One night, at the stroke of midnight, Alex heard a whisper that seemed to call out to him. The voice spoke of an unsolved mystery involving a missing heirloom of the town’s founding family, the Hawthornes.

Captivated, Alex shared his experience with us, and we were instantly drawn in.

Our investigation led us to Alena Hawthorne. Legend had it that on her honeymoon, she ventured into the town’s lake with her husband, Robert. Despite her reluctance, Robert persuaded her. Hours later, he was found alone, weeping on the shore, with Alena nowhere to be found.

This enigma from the past beckoned us, and we knew our adventures were far from over. As we delved deeper, the mystery of Alena Hawthorne promised to unravel secrets that had long lain dormant beneath the tranquil facade of our town.

The disappearance of Alena Hawthorne sparked a massive search. The lake’s depths were scoured by the best scuba divers, but Alena remained an enigma, swallowed by the waters without a trace.

Robert was a picture of devastation, universally regarded as a saint. No one could fathom him being involved in Alena’s disappearance. Yet the question lingered in the air: why did Alex start hearing those whispers? What secret were they trying to unveil?

The very next night, at the stroke of midnight, Savy was jolted awake by a whisper. A vivid image of an old house nestled deep in the woods flashed before his eyes, along with clear directions.

We were all astounded by these developments. That same night, I received my own cryptic message: to find an Ouija board, though its purpose remained shrouded in mystery.

Despite the strangeness of it all, a sense of excitement bubbled within us. After school, we hopped on our bikes and pedaled toward the abandoned cabin in the dense woods.

Alex brought candles, which we lit to set a somber mood in the derelict living room. We placed the Ouija board in the center, our fingers tentatively resting on the planchette.

No sooner had our hands touched it than the planchette began to glide across the board, as if pulled by unseen forces. It spelled out a message, the answer to the riddle that had haunted us for so long.

As our fingers brushed the Ouija board, a startling revelation unfolded. It was Alena Hawthorne’s spirit reaching out to us, eager to share her untold story.

That fateful night she vanished, she had hesitated to enter the lake. Robert, having drunk a little, seemed carefree, but Alena feared something amiss. As they waded into the chilling waters, a sense of weakness overcame her, draining her strength. Panic set in when she couldn’t keep afloat. Desperate cries for help went unheard as Robert lay back, gazing at the night sky, oblivious.

Alena recalled the terror of watching her own body disappear beneath the lake’s surface. By the time Robert realized Alena was missing, it was well past midnight, and he was clueless about her fate. He was innocent in her disappearance.

The message continued, a plea from Alena: to convey her forgiveness to Robert. She urged us to tell him that he was free of guilt, that she was at peace, and their unborn child was safe with her.

Those were the final words that emerged on the board.

After much deliberation, we decided to seek out Robert. Our only proof, a detail unknown to others, was Alena’s pregnancy.

We found Robert, a man marked by years of sorrow. Initially skeptical of a trio of teenagers with a message from beyond, he allowed us in, his curiosity piqued.

As we relayed Alena’s message, tears streamed down his face, especially at the mention of their unborn child. A profound sense of relief seemed to wash over him. He shared photographs of Alena, their wedding night, and confirmed her pregnancy, which had deepened his loss.

Our encounters with Robert became more frequent, and with each visit, we saw a transformation. Our message had reignited a spark in him, returning a long-lost smile to his face.

And so, my friends, that is the tale of the greatest mystery we ever uncovered – how we bridged a communication between Alena and Robert, bringing closure and peace to a story shrouded in mystery.

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