Stories Beneath The Blue


This Bedtime story theme is suitable for children ages 4 to 8.

Once upon a time, in the vast and endless blue, where the ocean kissed the sky at the horizon, there lived an old sea turtle named Turtleton. He was known across the depths as the Keeper of Ocean Tales.

“Grandpa Turtleton, tell us a story!” squeaked a school of young fish as they circled around him, their scales shimmering like little stars under the sea.

Turtleton chuckled, his wise old eyes twinkling. “Very well, little ones. Gather around and listen to the tale of the Whispering Waves.”

The fish settled down, their fins flapping gently in anticipation.

“In a time before, the ocean was not as we know it. It was silent, without a voice, without a song. It was then that the first wave decided to speak.”

“How did a wave learn to speak, Grandpa?” interrupted Finley, the curious little goldfish.

Turtleton smiled. “Ah, Finley, the wave was friends with the wind. And the wind, my dear, is a great storyteller. It told the wave stories of the lands it swept over, the mountains it climbed, and the valleys it caressed.”

“But the wave,” Turtleton continued, “wanted a story of its own. So, it began to travel, to learn, to feel. It danced with the dolphins, it soared with the seagulls, and it explored the deep with the whales.”

“And then what happened?” a tiny seahorse piped up, unable to contain her excitement.

“One day,” Turtleton said, lowering his voice to a whisper, “the wave returned. It had seen the world, felt joy and sorrow, and now it had stories to tell. But it needed a listener.”

“And who was the listener?” asked Finley, his eyes wide.

“The Moon,” Turtleton replied with a nod. “The Moon listened to the wave’s stories every night, and in return, it shared its own tales of the quiet, peaceful night sky.”

“The wave, filled with stories, began to whisper to the shore. And every time it kissed the sand, it left a tale.”

The little fish were mesmerized, their eyes reflecting the soft glow of Turtleton’s shell.

“So, my young friends, whenever you feel a wave gently rocking you, know that it’s sharing a story, a whisper from the heart of the ocean.”

Finley swam up and nuzzled Turtleton’s cheek. “I want to be like the wave, I want to have stories to tell!”

Turtleton laughed heartily. “Then swim, explore, and be kind. The stories will come to you, and you, too, will whisper to the shores.”

As the night fell and the stars began to shimmer above the water’s surface, the little fish said their goodnights, their hearts full of dreams about the stories they would one day tell.

Turtleton watched them go, his heart full of hope. “Goodnight, my little whisperers,” he murmured before diving into the deep, leaving a trail of bubbles sparkling in the moonlight.

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Follow Up Questions

After sharing the story of Turtleton and his ocean tales with children, here are three follow-up questions that can help engage their thoughts and encourage discussion:

  • If you were one of the sea creatures listening to Turtleton, what kind of sea creature would you be and why?
  • What story do you think the waves might whisper to the shore, and how would you like to help the wave tell its story?
  • If you could ask Turtleton to tell a special story just for you, what would you want it to be about?

These questions can help children reflect on the story, use their imagination, and express their own ideas and creativity.

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