Luna’s Lost Smile


Once upon a time, in a sky far above us, lived Luna, a gentle and kind moon. Luna had a special magic; she could change her shape! Every night, children from all over the world would gaze up at the sky, waiting to see what shape Luna would be.

But Luna didn’t change her shape just for fun. Each of her shapes had a special name and a story to tell. The children knew them well: the New Moon, the Crescent Moon, the First Quarter, the Gibbous Moon, and the Full Moon.

One evening, as the stars began to twinkle, the children looked up to find that Luna was nowhere to be seen. “Where is Luna?” they wondered. “Why can’t we see her smile tonight?”

This was the night of the New Moon, when Luna was taking a rest, hidden in the sky’s dark blanket. But the children missed her bright face, so they decided to send their wishes up to the sky, hoping Luna would hear them.

The next night, Luna returned as a thin Crescent, smiling gently down at the children. They cheered, happy to see her, even if she was only a sliver. “Luna is back, but she’s not her full self yet,” they said. “Let’s wait and see her grow.”

Night after night, the children watched as Luna grew a little more. When she became the First Quarter, she looked like she had eaten a quarter of a pie. “Luna is getting rounder!” the children exclaimed.

As the nights passed, Luna grew into a Gibbous Moon, almost full but not quite there. The children clapped their hands in excitement. “Luna is almost complete!”

Finally, after many nights of waiting and watching, Luna emerged in her full glory as the Full Moon. Her round, bright face lit up the night sky, and the children danced under her light, happy to see her full smile.

“Thank you for waiting for me,” Luna whispered softly to the children. “Each of my faces tells a part of my story, and I love sharing it with you.”

The children learned that patience brings its own rewards, just like waiting for Luna to show her full face. They promised to always cherish each of Luna’s faces, understanding that each phase was special in its own way.

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Follow Up Questions

After sharing the story about Luna and her phases, you could ask children the following questions to engage them further and deepen their understanding:

  • If you could talk to Luna when she’s a Full Moon, what would you like to ask her or tell her?
  • Which of Luna’s moon phases do you like the most, and how does it make you feel when you look at it in the night sky?”
  • Imagine if you could send a wish to Luna, what would you wish for, and why do you think the New Moon is the best time for making wishes?”

These questions encourage children to use their imagination, think creatively, and express their feelings about the story and its element

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