The Blue Light Fairy Tale


“The Blue Light” is a German fairy tale collected and published by the Brothers Grimm, Jacob and Wilhelm Grimm.

Here is a short retelling of the story

Once upon a time, there was a brave soldier who had served his king faithfully for many years. His courage on the battlefield was unmatched, and he had earned the respect of his comrades and superiors.

However, when the war ended, the king, having no more need for the soldier, dismissed him without any reward or recognition for his years of service.

Dejected and penniless, the soldier wandered through the countryside, unsure of what his future held. One evening, as the sun was setting and the shadows grew long, he stumbled upon a small, decrepit hut. An old witch emerged from within.

“Good evening, old mother,” the soldier greeted her. “Might you have a place for a weary soldier to rest for the night?”

The witch eyed him curiously. “I do,” she replied, her voice creaking like an old door hinge. “But you must do something for me in return.”

“And what is that?” the soldier asked.

“There is a well in the forest nearby,” the witch explained. “At the bottom of this well lies a blue light. Bring it to me, and you shall have shelter and food.”

The soldier, having little choice, agreed. The witch led him to the well and gave him a sturdy rope to lower himself down. With determination, he descended into the darkness, and soon enough, his feet touched the bottom. There, among the roots and stones, he found the blue light.

“Here it is!” he called up. “Pull me up now, old mother!”

The witch took the light from his outstretched hand, but instead of pulling him up, she laughed wickedly. “Foolish soldier,” she sneered. “Stay down there for all I care!”

Realizing her treachery, the soldier despaired. However, as he sat in the damp, cold well, he noticed that the blue light still glowed faintly. On a whim, he struck it against the wall, and to his astonishment, a small dwarf appeared before him.

“Master, what do you command?” the dwarf asked in a voice that echoed in the confined space.

The soldier, surprised but hopeful, said, “First, get me out of this well.”

In an instant, the dwarf transported the soldier back to the surface. The soldier looked around, and seeing no sign of the witch, he said, “Now, bring me wealth enough to live comfortably for the rest of my days.”

With a wave of the dwarf’s hand, the soldier found himself dressed in fine clothes, with pockets heavy with gold. Grateful for the blue light’s power, he traveled to the nearest town and rented a grand house. Word of his newfound wealth and mysterious benefactor spread quickly.

One day, the king heard rumors of the soldier’s prosperity and grew suspicious. He invited the soldier to the palace under the pretense of reconciliation. But the soldier, wary of the king’s intentions, brought the blue light and the dwarf with him.

“Welcome, brave soldier,” the king said with a forced smile. “I see fortune has finally favored you.”

“Indeed,” the soldier replied, bowing. “I owe it all to this blue light and its servant.”

The king’s eyes gleamed with greed. “Such a wondrous item should be in the hands of royalty,” he declared. “Surrender it to me.”

The soldier, seeing the king’s true nature, clutched the blue light tightly. “I think not,” he said, striking the light to summon the dwarf. “What is your wish, master?” the dwarf asked.

“Teach this king a lesson in humility,” the soldier commanded.

In a blink, the dwarf caused the king to experience the hardships the soldier had faced—poverty, hunger, and the treachery of others. When the vision ended, the king, now humbled, begged for forgiveness.

“Keep your blue light,” the king said, his voice trembling. “And accept my sincerest apologies.”

The soldier nodded, satisfied. “Very well. But let this be a reminder of the value of loyalty and kindness.”

With his heart at peace, the soldier used the blue light’s power to help those in need and eventually won the love of a beautiful princess. Together, they ruled wisely and justly, ensuring that the lessons of the blue light were never forgotten.

And so, the soldier lived happily ever after, his bravery and kindness rewarded in ways he had never imagined.

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