The Frog and The Mouse


“The Frog and the Mouse Moral Story” is a tale where water meets land, and lessons are learned the hard way. Aesop brilliantly showcases the consequences of arrogance and curiosity. Discover the profound message behind their watery misadventure. Enjoy the reading.

In a quiet pond lived a boastful frog who loved to watch the creatures scurry on the land. Next to the pond, in a burrow, dwelt a curious mouse. One day, their paths crossed.

“Good day, Mouse,” croaked the frog, “Have you ever wondered how it feels to glide on water?”

The mouse’s eyes twinkled with curiosity. “Why, no, but I’d love to try!”

The frog, seeing an opportunity to show off, tied the mouse’s tail to his own with a sturdy reed. “Hold on tight, and I’ll show you the wonders of my world.”

Excitedly, they began. The mouse was thrilled at the sensation of skimming the water’s surface. But the frog, desiring more admiration, swam deeper, pulling the mouse with him. The mouse struggled, gasping for air.

Nearby, a hawk spotted them. Seeing an opportunity for a double feast, he swooped down, grabbing them both.

The frog’s show-off nature had led to their doom.

Moral of the Story

Arrogance can lead to one’s downfall, and sometimes, it can drag the innocent down too.

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