The Fisherman & The Little Fish


Discover the profound lessons in Aesop’s “The Fisherman & the Little Fish” and moral story. This ancient fable beautifully captures the essence of ambition and contentment. Dive into a narrative that’s as relevant today as it was centuries ago. Let’s embark on a journey of timeless wisdom together.

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On a warm, sunlit day, by a tranquil riverbank, a Fisherman cast his line, hoping to capture a prize fish. Hours passed, and just as he was losing hope, he felt a slight tug. Excitedly, he pulled up his line, only to find a small, silvery fish dangling from the hook.

“Please,” the little fish pleaded, wriggling in the sun’s glare, “let me go! I’m much too tiny for a meal. If you spare me now, I promise to grow bigger. Then you can catch me again, and I’ll be worth your while.”

The Fisherman chuckled softly, looking at the tiny fish. “Ah, little one,” he said, holding it up to the light, “I have you now, and I might never have you again. Why would I let go of a sure thing for the mere promise of something bigger in the future?”

And with that, he dropped the fish into his basket and continued his day, content with his catch.

Moral of the Story

A small certainty is better than a large promise.

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