The Haunting of the Black Widow.


This is a very short, scary bedtime story for adults. If you prefer a different genre, please visit our Bedtime Stories Section to find one that suits you best. We have stories for everyone.

Once upon a time, a family moved to an old house in the forest.

The house was surrounded by tall, dark trees that seemed to move on their own.

Despite the beauty of the landscape, there was something strange and sinister in the air.

But the family ignored the warning signs and settled in the house.

For the first few weeks, everything seemed to be going well.

But then, the family started to notice strange things.

They heard odd noises at night, like whispers and footsteps on the wooden floor.

Sometimes, doors would open and close by themselves, and curtains moved without wind.

But the worst came when the youngest daughter began having spine-chilling nightmares.

She dreamt of a woman dressed in black, with long, tangled hair and skin pale and cold as ice.

The woman watched her from a distance, and the girl could feel her presence even when awake.

The girl’s parents tried to calm her, but the presence of the woman in black became more intense.

One night, the girl woke up and saw the woman in black standing beside her bed.

The woman looked at her with cold, empty eyes, and then vanished into the darkness.

The parents investigated the house’s history and discovered it was built on an ancient cemetery.

The woman in black turned out to be the wife of a man buried there, and her spirit had been wandering the house for years.

The family tried to leave the house, but the woman in black prevented them from leaving.

Every time they tried to leave, the woman appeared before them, with her cold, empty eyes.

The family realized they could never escape the house, becoming prisoners of the vengeful spirit forever.

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