The Whispering Blue Mountains. Bedtime Story


In the village of Blue Mountains, time flowed as gently as the murmur of the stream that ran through it.

The villagers had known each other since dawn and shared stories like sharing a cup of tea on a cool autumn afternoon.

Joshep, a storyteller with hair as white as the foam in the rapids, was the golden thread connecting the inhabitants with the local legends.

His voice, calm as the wind through the pines, wove stories that evoked dreams and soothed starry nights.

“The beauty of life,” Joshep would say, “lies in the sum of small moments, like the droplets that form our stream.”

And that’s how he liked to tell his tales, soft and flowing, with each event spilling over into the next.

A gentle breeze played with the leaves of the poplars, carrying the echoes of Joshep’s words as he sat in his wooden rocking chair and continued:

“Once upon a time, in a corner where moss hugs the stones, there was a young woman named Nadia. Her presence was as fresh as the morning and her eyes sparkled with the curiosity of someone seeking the colors of the rainbow.”

Nadia spent her days exploring the secrets of the forests and learning the language of the creatures that lived there.

“Good day, Mr. Moose,” she would say, politely nodding to the magnificent animal who deigned to look at her with a certain twinkle of recognition in its eyes.

The young woman possessed a wisdom beyond her years, a sensitivity to listen to the stories the wind whispered to her.

However, Nadia also carried with her a latent desire: to uncover the mystery behind the melodic murmur of the stream that had captivated her heart since childhood.

Joshep’s tale flowed like clear water, leading the villagers down paths of imagination and wonder. The details of the scenes were so vivid that each could feel the moisture of the forest and hear the crunch of the leaves under their own feet.

On one of her walks, Nadia met Lucas, a handsome young man with an easy smile and calm speech.

His hands bore the lines of a craftsman’s life, one who patiently and lovingly carved figures that seemed to dance under the sunlight. “The wood tells its own story,” he explained in a voice that never disturbed the quiet of the forest.

The days shared between Nadia and Lucas were full of discoveries and soft laughter.

Together, they learned to read the whispers of the wind and the secret language of the stars.

Their friendship bloomed like the lilies of the valley, in perfect harmony with the natural world around them.

One afternoon, as the golden tones of sunset reflected in the dancing waters of the stream, Nadia confessed to Lucas her longing to decipher the enigma of the aquatic murmur. “Will you join me in this search?” she asked, her voice filled with a glint of adventure.

“Of course, Nadia. There is no melody more mesmerizing than that of our stream, and together, I am sure we will find its source,” replied Lucas, his hand finding hers in a gesture of companionship and promise.

The seasons passed, and with each new moon, Nadia and Lucas delved deeper into the mysteries of the stream. They observed how the trout played among the swirls and how the dragonflies danced in the air laden with moisture.

One dawn, when the morning mists still embraced the forest floor, they ventured toward a segment of the stream they had never explored before.

The rumor of the water was more intense there, almost as if it contained a message waiting to be unveiled.

As they followed the path, the murmur became clearer, and in a clearing surrounded by weeping willows, they found the source of the aquatic symphony.

It was a small spring, hidden like a pearl within a shell, where the water emerged with such purity that it seemed to capture the very essence of life.

“This is the heart of the stream, its beginning and its eternal song,” said Nadia, tears of happiness reflecting the dawn’s glow. “In it, I discover the voice of nature, a tale that begins again and again, eternal like the cycle of life.”

Lucas, with a smile that lit up his face like the first light over the mountains, said, “And next to you, my dear Nadia, each discovery is a melody to add to our own story.”

The peace emanating from the spring became the secret refuge of the two friends.

The village, in turn, was filled with a new legend, that of the stream’s murmur and how two souls had managed to find the whisper of life in its eternal current.

Time continued its course, as it always does, but now, for Nadia and Lucas, each shared moment was a precious chapter in the story they had begun to write together.

Joshep, at the end of his tale, looked at the villagers with sparkling and serene eyes.

“See,” he said, his voice as soft as velvet, “each of us has a stream to discover, a spring of dreams waiting. And just like Nadia and Lucas, perhaps what we are looking for is not at the destination, but in the journey we take and in those who accompany us.”

The night already covered the mountains and the stars twinkled in the firmament like stories yet to be told.

The villagers, one by one, returned to their homes, their hearts filled with the warmth of Josheph’s tale, while sleep cradled them with the murmur of the stream that continued its timeless dance.

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