The Little Christmas Tree Bedtime Story


Once upon a snowy evening in a small village nestled among the hills, there was a little Christmas tree. This tree lived in a lush, green forest, surrounded by tall and majestic trees. Despite its vibrant green needles and sturdy branches, it was much smaller than the other trees.

Each year, as Christmas approached, families from the village would come to the forest to pick out the perfect tree. The larger trees would boast loudly, “Pick me! I’m the tallest!” or “Choose me! My branches are the strongest!” The little tree, with its modest size, would whisper, “I wish someone would choose me.”

One cold December day, a young girl and her father came to the forest. The little girl’s eyes were bright with excitement, but her father looked worried. “We don’t have much space in our small cottage,” he said. “We need a tree that’s small but beautiful.”

The little girl wandered through the forest, her eyes scanning until she spotted the little tree. “Look, Daddy! This one is perfect!” she exclaimed, pointing at it.

“Are you sure?” her father asked. “It’s so small…”

The little girl knelt beside the tree and said, “It’s not about how big or tall you are, it’s about the joy you bring. And this tree will bring us lots of joy!”

The little tree felt a warm tingle from its roots to its highest needle. It was finally going to be a Christmas tree!

At the little girl’s home, the tree was adorned with colorful lights, shiny baubles, and a sparkling star on top. “You see,” the little girl whispered, “you were just right for us.”

The little tree stood proudly in the corner of their living room, its lights twinkling in the warm, cozy cottage.

On Christmas morning, the family gathered around the little tree. Gifts were exchanged, laughter filled the room, and the little tree realized it had found its place.

It might not have been the tallest or the fullest tree, but it brought happiness and warmth to this family’s Christmas, making it the most special tree of all.

And so, the little tree learned that it’s not the size or the splendor that matters, but the joy and love it brings to those around it. This was the little tree’s happiest Christmas ever.

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Follow Up Questions

Here are three follow-up questions from the story of the little Christmas tree that can engage children in thinking more deeply about the tale:

Why do you think the little tree was happy at the end of the story?

If you were in the forest choosing a Christmas tree, would you have picked the little tree? Why or why not?

Can you think of a time when something small or seemingly unimportant turned out to be very special?

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