The Princess And The Frog Bedtime Story

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Once upon a time, in a faraway kingdom, there was a Princess who loved playing with her precious golden ball. One day, while playing beside a deep pond, her ball fell into the water and sank out of sight. Distraught, the Princess began to cry.

Suddenly, a Frog emerged from the pond and asked, “Why are you crying, Princess?”

“I’ve lost my golden ball in the pond,” she replied sorrowfully.

The Frog offered to help her, but asked for something in return. “If I fetch your ball, will you let me be your friend? Eat from your plate, drink from your cup, and sleep in your bed?”

The Princess, desperate to get her ball back, hastily agreed. True to his word, the Frog dove into the pond and retrieved her ball. Overjoyed, the Princess took her ball and ran back to the castle, forgetting her promise to the Frog.

The next day, as the royal family dined, a knock was heard at the castle door. The King asked, “Who is it?”

“It is I, the Frog. The Princess promised me friendship in return for retrieving her ball,” replied the Frog.

The King, learning of the promise, insisted the Princess honor her word. Reluctantly, she let the Frog eat from her plate, drink from her cup, and sleep in her bed.

On the third night, as the Frog lay sleeping in the Princess’s room, he transformed into a handsome Prince. He explained that he had been cursed by a wicked witch and only the Princess’s kindness could break the spell.

The Prince and Princess quickly became friends, and soon their friendship blossomed into love. With the King’s blessing, they were married and lived happily ever after.

Follow Up Questions

Here are three engaging follow-up questions you can ask kids about The Princess And The Frog bedtime story

What would you do if you were the Princess? – This question encourages children to put themselves in the Princess’s shoes, fostering empathy and imagination. It can lead to discussions about making promises and the importance of keeping them.

Why do you think the Frog turned into a Prince? – This question helps children think about the themes of transformation and magic in fairy tales. It can also lead to a discussion about looking beyond appearances and finding value in kindness and friendship.

What is your favorite part of the story and why? – Asking about their favorite part of the story allows children to express what they found most interesting or enjoyable. It can provide insights into what aspects of stories appeal to them, whether it’s the characters, the magical elements, or the moral of the story.

Moral of The Story

The moral of “The Princess and the Frog” is about the importance of keeping promises and not judging others based on their appearance. The story teaches that true friendship and kindness can come from unexpected places and that fulfilling one’s commitments is a virtue. It also highlights the transformative power of kindness and love.

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