The Princess and the Goblin Short Story


The Princess and the Goblin is a beloved children’s fantasy novel by George MacDonald, published in 1872. It tells the story of Princess Irene and her adventures with Curdie, a miner’s son, as they outwit the goblins that live beneath the mountains near her castle.

Let’s dive into a short retelling of this classic magical story:

In a kingdom surrounded by mountains, there lived a young princess named Irene. She resided in a large castle with her nursemaid, Lootie. One day, while exploring, Irene discovered a mysterious old lady in a hidden tower room.

“Who are you?” asked Irene, wide-eyed.

“I am your great-great-grandmother,” replied the lady, with a gentle smile. “And I have something special for you.” She gave Irene a magical thread that would always lead her to safety.

Meanwhile, deep beneath the mountains, lived the goblins – strange, mischievous creatures with a dislike for humans. The goblin king, with his crooked crown, plotted against the people above.

“The time has come to take revenge on the sun-dwellers,” he hissed to his subjects.

Curdie, a miner’s son, overheard the goblins’ wicked plan to flood the mines. “I must warn everyone,” he thought, rushing to the surface.

One evening, Irene and Lootie found themselves lost and surrounded by the eerie goblins. Frightened, Irene remembered her magical thread.

“Hold my hand, Lootie!” cried Irene, as the thread glowed softly, guiding them away from danger.

The next day, Irene met Curdie and shared her encounter. “The goblins chased us last night, but my great-great-grandmother’s thread led us to safety,” she explained.

Curdie, intrigued by Irene’s story and concerned about the goblins’ plan, agreed to help. “We need to protect the kingdom and stop the goblins,” he said determinedly.

The two friends ventured into the goblin tunnels, following the magical thread. They learned more about the goblins’ scheme and hurried back to warn the castle.

“The goblins are planning an attack! We must prepare!” shouted Curdie, alerting the guards.

As the goblins swarmed the castle, a fierce battle ensued. The castle’s defenders, warned by Curdie and Irene, fought bravely. The goblins, unprepared for such resistance, were defeated.

After the battle, the king praised Curdie’s bravery and Irene’s cleverness. “You have both saved our kingdom,” he said gratefully.

Irene, holding the magical thread, smiled at Curdie. “Together, we can overcome any challenge,” she said.

From then on, Curdie and Irene became the best of friends, embarking on many more adventures, always with Irene’s magical thread to guide them.

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Follow Up Questions

Here are three simple follow-up questions for kids about The Princess and the Goblin:

What would you do if you found a magical thread like Princess Irene?

Why do you think Curdie was brave to fight the goblins?

Can you imagine what the goblin king’s home might look like? Describe it!

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