At the Back of The North Wind Short Story


At the Back of the North Wind” is a children’s novel written by George MacDonald, and published in 1871. It’s a beautiful and symbolic story that blends fantasy and reality. Here’s a short retelling of the story:

In a small house in London, there lived a kind-hearted little boy named Diamond. His parents named him after a horse, hoping he would be strong and bright. Diamond had a special connection with nature and often spoke to the wind.

One night, as Diamond lay in his bed, a gentle voice whispered through the window. “Diamond, would you like to visit the back of the North Wind?” it asked.

Diamond, wide-eyed with wonder, replied, “Oh, yes! But who are you?”

“I am North Wind,” the voice said softly. “I can take you on magical journeys.”

And so, Diamond embarked on fantastical adventures with the North Wind. They soared over cities, across oceans, and into starry skies. During their travels, Diamond witnessed both the beauty and the sorrows of the world.

“Why do you sometimes bring storms?” Diamond asked North Wind curiously.

“Sometimes what seems harsh is needed for change and growth,” North Wind explained gently. “Just like people, the world needs different weathers.”

One night, they reached the mystical back of the North Wind, a place of serene beauty and peace. “This is where I rest and gather strength,” North Wind shared. “And it’s where all things find their true purpose.”

Diamond, filled with awe, asked, “Will I find my true purpose too?”

“In time, Diamond. Every person has a special role in this world,” North Wind assured him.

After many adventures, Diamond returned home wiser and more understanding of life’s complexities. He shared his experiences with his family, telling them about the kindness and wisdom of North Wind.

“Why do you think North Wind showed you all those places?” his mother asked.

Diamond thought for a moment and said, “To help me see that everything has a reason, even if we don’t understand it right away.”

Diamond grew up to be a thoughtful and compassionate young man, always remembering his journeys with the North Wind and the lessons learned along the way.

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Follow Up Questions

Here are three simple follow-up questions for kids about At the Back of the North Wind:

If you could fly with the North Wind, where would you like to go?

What do you think it feels like to fly through the stars with the North Wind?

If you met the North Wind, what would you ask her?

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