The Sandman Myth A Sleep Story


“Ole-Luk-Oie, the Dream-God” often known as “Ole Lukøje” or “The Sandman” is a story by Hans Christian Andersen. First published in 1841, this fairy tale is about a mythical character who brings dreams to children.

The Sandman is a kind and gentle figure who visits children every night. He sprinkles sand or dust on their eyes to bring them sleep and sweet dreams. In the story, Ole-Luk-Oie tells the child seven stories over seven nights, each filled with wonderful and imaginative adventures.

Here is a short story of the Sandman:

In the hush of twilight, when shadows dance softly and the stars awaken, Ole-Luk-Oie, the Dream-God, glides silently into the room of a young child. Dressed in robes woven from the night sky, he whispers, “Close your eyes, little one, and let the dance of dreams begin.”

On Monday, as he unfurls the side of his umbrella painted with seascapes, he says, “Tonight, we sail the starlit seas, where the waters whisper ancient tales.” The child, aboard a leafy boat, converses with a wise old fish, “What secrets do you hold, deep in the sea?” The fish replies in riddles, guiding the child through underwater mysteries.

Tuesday brings a tale of valor. Ole-Luk-Oie declares, “Brave heart, take up your shield. A dragon awaits!” The child, now a knight, asks the dragon, “Why do you guard this forest?” The dragon, with eyes like molten gold, speaks of a forgotten treasure of wisdom.

On Wednesday, amidst clouds, Ole-Luk-Oie gestures to a castle in the sky, saying, “Here, legends dwell and share their stories.” The child, sitting with a unicorn, asks, “What’s beyond the stars?” The unicorn replies, “Dreams that have yet to be born.”

Thursday is a flight through the heavens. “Spread your wings, and chase the horizon,” encourages Ole-Luk-Oie. Soaring high, the child races a falcon, asking, “How does the world look from above?” The falcon answers, “It’s a mosaic of dreams and reality, intertwined.”

Friday’s dream is a carnival of laughter. “In this realm, joy is the ruler,” Ole-Luk-Oie proclaims. The child, amidst dancing toys, asks a teddy bear, “What is the secret of happiness?” The bear replies, “To find wonder in the little things.”

On Saturday, a stroll through memories unfolds. “Walk the paths of your heart,” Ole-Luk-Oie suggests. Revisiting cherished moments, the child asks their younger self, “What do you wish for?” The echo answers, “To remember these moments of joy.”

And when Sunday arrives, Ole-Luk-Oie presents a vision of the future. “Behold the tapestry of what may come,” he intones. Gazing upon it, the child wonders, “What adventures await?” Ole-Luk-Oie smiles, “Those that you dare to dream.”

As morning nears, Ole-Luk-Oie fades into the light, leaving behind a trail of stardust. “Dream well, for in dreams, you hold the key to infinite worlds,” he bids farewell.

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Follow Up Questions

What kind of dreams did Ole-Luk-Oie bring to the child each night? This question encourages children to recall the different types of dreams the Dream-God created, such as adventures with seas, dragons, and castles.

Why do you think Ole-Luk-Oie changed the dream each night? This question invites kids to think about why the Dream-God might choose to bring a variety of dreams to the child.

What was your favorite dream that Ole-Luk-Oie brought and why? This question allows children to express which part of the story they liked best and why it stood out to them, fostering imaginative thinking and personal connection to the story.

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