The Shadow Fairy Tale


In a quaint town bathed in sunlight, a learned man lived contentedly, his days filled with study and contemplation. His balcony overlooked a bustling street, and it was here that he first noticed something peculiar about his shadow. It stretched across to his neighbor’s balcony, moving as though it had a life of its own. The man, intrigued, observed this curious behavior but thought little more of it.

However, as time passed, the shadow began to act increasingly independently, displaying characteristics and movements that did not mirror those of the man. One fateful evening, the shadow detached itself completely, disappearing into the night, leaving the man shadowless and perplexed.

Years rolled by, and the man’s fortunes dwindled. His once-celebrated intellect now brought him little joy or recognition. In contrast, his former shadow thrived in the world, gaining experiences and wealth, evolving beyond a mere silhouette to a being of substance and cunning.

One day, the shadow returned to the man, now dressed in fine clothes, exuding confidence and success. “Let us join forces,” it proposed, “Together, we can experience the world anew.” The man, weary and worn down by his misfortunes, agreed, failing to see the dangerous glint in the shadow’s eyes.

As they journeyed together, the shadow’s influence grew stronger. In a spa town renowned for its intellectual society, the shadow, now articulate and learned, charmed the residents with its eloquence and wit. The man found himself sidelined, his opinions and thoughts overshadowed by his former silhouette.

The shadow, emboldened by its acceptance in society, proposed a sinister plan: they would swap roles permanently. The man, now under the shadow’s manipulative control, acquiesced to the demand, hoping for a change in his luck.

In a cunning move, the shadow revealed its ultimate ambition to marry a princess and ascend to a throne. No longer needing the man, the shadow, embodying the darkest aspects of ambition and deceit, accused the man of being a mere shadow, leading to his imprisonment.

Tragically, the man, unable to prove his true identity, languished in obscurity and despair, his voice unheard, his existence denied. He died alone, a forgotten soul, while the shadow, a representation of unbridled ambition and moral corruption, triumphed, marrying the princess and becoming a king.

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