The Seven Foals Story


The Seven Foals is a Norwegian fairy tale. Here is a short reletting of the story perfect for bedtime

Once upon a time, in a kingdom draped in mystery and magic, there lived a poor couple with nothing but love for each other and dreams too big for their small cottage.

Their lives were forever changed when the King issued a decree: whoever could guard the seven golden foals1 from dawn till dusk would win the hand of the princess and half the kingdom.

The youngest son, Erik, inspired by a heart full of daring and a spirit untouched by fear, decided to undertake this challenge. Before he left, his mother, with tears in her eyes and hope in her heart, made him a simple cloak, whispering, “This may not shield you from the world’s harshness, but let it remind you of the strength that lies within you.”

On his journey to the castle, Erik encountered an old, haggard man with eyes that twinkled with a hidden knowledge. “What brings a young lad like yourself into these parts?” the old man inquired, his voice as gravelly as the path beneath their feet.

Erik shared his quest, and the old man, taking a liking to the boy’s earnestness, offered him a piece of advice, “The seven foals you seek are not ordinary beasts. They’ll vanish into the air, and to keep them in sight, you’ll need the sharpest of eyes and the cleverest of minds.”

Thanking the old man, Erik continued on, pondering the riddle. As dawn broke over the kingdom, the seven foals burst into the meadow with manes of liquid gold and hooves that struck the earth like thunder. Erik, remembering the old man’s words, kept his gaze fixed upon them, never wavering.

The foals ran like the wind, over mountains that touched the sky and rivers that mirrored the sun. As the day waned, the foals grew tired and, in a meadow deep within the forest, transformed into seven handsome princes. “Who are you that can keep pace with us, mortal?” asked the eldest, his voice a mix of curiosity and respect.

“I am Erik, son of a humble farmer, and I seek to change my fate,” Erik replied, his heart racing with the thrill of the unknown.

Amused and intrigued, the princes shared their secret; they were under a curse, bound to roam the skies as foals by day, regaining their true forms only at night. “Only with the heart pure and true can the curse be broken,” the youngest prince whispered, his eyes reflecting the first stars of the evening.

Erik, moved by their plight, vowed to help them. With cleverness and courage, he outwitted the wicked sorceress who had ensnared the princes, breaking the curse.

As promised, the King granted Erik the hand of the princess and half the kingdom.

But Erik’s greatest reward was the friendships he forged and the knowledge that even the simplest of souls could change the course of the future.

The End

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From The Dictionary

  1. Foals” are young horses, typically less than one-year-old. The term describes both male and female young horses until they reach an age where they are termed differently (colts for young males and fillies for young females). Foals are known for being playful and energetic as they grow and learn to become more coordinated. ↩︎

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