The Seven Foals Story


The Seven Foals is a Norwegian fairy tale. Here is a short reletting of the story perfect for bedtime

In a time forgotten, in a kingdom of vast forests and deep valleys, there lived an aging king who had a singular problem. His seven foals1 disappeared every day, only to return in the evening, tired and spent.

“I will give half my kingdom and my daughter’s hand in marriage to the one who can solve this mystery,” declared the king.

Among those who heard the king’s decree was a young, poor farmer’s son, bright-eyed and brave-hearted. “I shall take this challenge, Father,” he said with determination.

Dressed in simple clothes, he ventured to the king’s castle. “Your Majesty, I wish to watch over your foals,” he announced.

The king, observing his humble appearance, warned, “Many have tried and failed, lad. Beware, for this task is not as simple as it seems.”

The farmer’s son followed the foals as they galloped into the forest, where he met an old woman cooking. “You look hungry, lad. Eat this, and remember not to lie down, no matter how tired,” she cautioned, handing him a piece of bread.

He thanked her and continued to follow the foals until he reached a golden castle. Inside, he found a princess who greeted him, “You mustn’t fall asleep, or you’ll never uncover the secret.”

But despite her warning, the tiredness overcame him, and he slept. The next morning, the foals returned home. The king, disappointed yet intrigued by his persistence, allowed him to try again.

On the second and third day, the same events unfolded, with the farmer’s son falling asleep despite the warnings. But on the third day, the princess, moved by his determination, gave him a golden brush, saying, “When the foals pass by the castle tomorrow, throw this behind them.”

The following day, as the seven foals galloped past the golden castle, the farmer’s son threw the brush. The youngest foal kicked it back, and a piece of gold fell off.

Armed with this clue, the young man returned to the king and explained what he had seen and found. The king, true to his word, declared, “You have solved the mystery and proven your worth. You shall marry my daughter and inherit half my kingdom.”

The kingdom rejoiced, for they had not only found a solution to the mystery but also gained a wise and persistent prince.

The End

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From The Dictionary

  1. Foals” are young horses, typically less than one-year-old. The term describes both male and female young horses until they reach an age where they are termed differently (colts for young males and fillies for young females). Foals are known for being playful and energetic as they grow and learn to become more coordinated. ↩︎

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