The Story of The Widow’s Son


This is a short retelling of the Norwegian fairy tale “The Widow’s Son,”

In a small village, nestled between rolling hills and whispering forests, there lived a young man with his mother, a widow. Their life was humble yet peaceful.

One day, the mother said, “My son, we can no longer live on so little. You must go out into the world and make your fortune.”

With a heavy heart but a determined spirit, the young man set out. His journey led him to a king’s castle, where he heard of a princess held captive in a distant land. “Whosoever rescues her shall have her hand in marriage,” proclaimed the king.

“I will undertake this quest,” declared the young man.

His journey was long and arduous. Along the way, he met an old, haggard woman. “Where do you travel, young man?” she inquired.

“To rescue the princess from her captivity,” he replied.

“Take this,” she offered, handing him a magical golden apple. “It may aid you in your quest.”

He thanked her and continued. Upon reaching the castle where the princess was held, he found it guarded by fierce trolls. Remembering the golden apple, he tossed it. The trolls, mesmerized by its shine, fought over it, allowing him to slip inside.

In the depths of the dark castle, he found the princess. “Who are you?” she whispered, her eyes wide with a mix of fear and hope.

“I am here to rescue you,” he said, his voice steady and reassuring.

They escaped and journeyed back to the king’s castle. Along the way, the princess grew fond of the brave young man, his kindness, and his courage.

Upon their return, the king, true to his word, consented to their marriage. The kingdom rejoiced, for the princess was not only safe but had found love with a true hero.

The young man’s mother, upon hearing of her son’s bravery and fortune, wept tears of joy. “My son, you have brought honor to our name and warmth to my heart,” she said.

The young man, now a prince, replied, “It is you who taught me the virtues of courage and kindness.”

And so, the prince and the princess lived a life full of love and happiness, ruling the kingdom with wisdom and compassion, proving that even the humblest beginnings can lead to great endings.

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