The Statute a Short Story


This is a super short story with a surprising ending. Truly fascinating. I hope you enjoy it as much as I did

We always had a dread of statues. We would look at them in the park and be terrified by their stillness, their rough features, their polished skins, but the worst of all were their ominous gazes and the eyes; those empty, soulless eyes.

We never told anyone, it was too embarrassing.

To hide it, we spent all our time in the park, even at night. Even though they would fix their indifferent pupils on us.

One night, despite the fright, she approached the most intimidating statue and whispered something in its ear. I don’t know what it was, she never told me.

But from that moment, she lost her fear and would approach them all to caress and whisper to them.

I watched somewhat alarmed as her movements became more agile, her eyes brighter, her skin softer. Or was I becoming slower? I don’t know, but I was worried.

One day, sitting in the park, watching people go about their usual business, she decided to leave suddenly. I tried to follow her in vain; I couldn’t move a single muscle.

Then she looked at me compassionately, caressed my lips, and whispered something in my ear that I still haven’t been able to understand.

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