The Tortoise and The Ducks


Dive into the enchanting world of Aesop’s fables with “The Tortoise & the Ducks” moral story. As this tale unfolds, it highlights the unpredictable twists of nature and the enduring wisdom found in unexpected places. Embark on a journey that speaks of wit over might and reveals the ageless lessons that have captivated generations.

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In a quiet, serene pond, two ducks named Delia and Dan swam, their days filled with ripples and sun.

One day, a tortoise named Tim approached, his eyes glinting with a peculiar wish. “Delia, Dan,” he said, “I’ve always dreamt of seeing the world beyond these woods. But my legs are slow, and days fleet by before I’ve gone far.”

Delia, with a playful quack, responded, “Why not travel on water, Tim? We ducks do it all the time.”

“But I can’t swim,” sighed Tim.

Dan, always the thinker, said, “We have an idea. Climb on our backs, and we’ll fly you around. You’ll see the world from up high, and it’s a sight to behold.”

Tim’s eyes lit up, “Really? That would be wonderful!”

He climbed onto the ducks, each taking one side of a stick in their beak, while Tim held on with his mouth in the middle. Up into the sky they soared. Tim couldn’t believe his eyes – the vast lakes, the tall mountains, and the dense forests!

But, as they flew over a town, people below noticed the strange sight. They laughed and pointed, making jests about the tortoise who wished to fly.

Unable to bear the mockery, Tim opened his mouth to shout back. And down he fell, his dream flight ending in a tragic plummet.

Moral of the Story

Pride can lead to a great fall. Know your limits.

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