The White Snake Fairy Tale


The White Snake is a captivating Grimm Brothers fairy tale filled with mystery, adventure, and the quest for true love. Let’s retell this enchanting story:

In a faraway kingdom, there lived a wise and beloved king who possessed a secret power. Every evening, a mysterious dish was brought to him, which he ate alone. The dish contained a white snake, which gave him the ability to understand the language of animals.

One day, a curious young servant, Henry, decided to uncover the secret of the king’s wisdom. Sneaking into the king’s room, he tasted a piece of the white snake. Instantly, he understood the chatter of the birds and animals.

As Henry walked by a pond, he heard the distress of the queen’s ring, which had fallen into the water. The fish said, “We know of the ring. A large pike swallowed it.”

Henry caught the pike and retrieved the ring, earning the king’s gratitude. The king said, “You have served me well, but now I grant you leave to see the world. Take this gold and go on an adventure.”

During his travels, Henry heard birds warning of imminent dangers, which he narrowly escaped. One day, he helped three fish entangled in reeds. They gratefully said, “You saved us! We will remember and repay you.”

Further on, he freed trapped ants, who thanked him, “Your kindness will not be forgotten, Henry.”

Next, he spared three young ravens from hunger. The ravens cawed, “We will repay your kindness!”

Eventually, Henry arrived in a kingdom where the princess had promised to marry whoever presented her with the most unique and rare item. He thought, “I must win her heart.”

The ants, remembering his kindness, brought him a rare pearl. The fish, now able to speak his language, presented him with a precious jewel. Finally, the ravens brought him a magical apple.

Henry presented these gifts to the princess, saying, “I bring you treasures from land, water, and air.”

The princess, impressed by his gifts and kindness, said, “You have won my heart with your bravery and compassion.”

They married, and Henry told her of his adventures and how understanding and kindness towards all creatures had led him to her.

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Follow Up Questions

Here are three simple and engaging questions you can ask kids about the story of “The White Snake” to spark their interest and imagination:

What would you do if you could talk to animals like Henry? This question encourages children to use their imagination and think about the possibilities of communicating with animals, fostering creativity and empathy towards animals.

Why do you think Henry helped the fish, ants, and ravens, and how did they repay him? This question helps kids understand the themes of kindness and gratitude in the story. It prompts them to think about the importance of helping others and how good deeds can come back to benefit us.

If you found a magical item like the white snake, what magical power would you like it to give you? This question allows children to dream up their own magical adventures and consider what kinds of powers they find fascinating or useful, encouraging creative thinking.

These questions are great for engaging young minds, encouraging them to think deeper about the story, and relating the themes to their own lives.

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