The Water of Life Short Story


The Water of Life by The Grimm Brothers is a captivating fairy tale about bravery, kindness, and the quest for a miraculous cure. Let’s bring this story to life with dialogues, tailored for young readers.

Once upon a time, in a kingdom gripped by sorrow, a king lay dying. His three sons, hearing of a cure, set out to find the Water of Life. The eldest two, proud and haughty, ignored the advice of a little grey man on their journey and found themselves trapped.

The youngest prince, kind and humble, encountered the same man. “Please, can you help me find the Water of Life?” he asked politely.

“Certainly,” replied the grey man. “You will find it in an enchanted castle. But be careful – the castle is filled with challenges.”

In the castle, he faced trials, but with the grey man’s advice, he succeeded. He reached a beautiful garden where a fountain flowed with the Water of Life. Filling a cup, he said, “With this, I can save my father.”

On his return, he rescued a princess under an evil spell. “Thank you, brave prince,” she said. “Come back in a year, and we shall marry.”

However, his envious brothers replaced the Water of Life with sea water. When the prince gave the cup to his father, it made him worse. But the king’s servant saw the deceit and brought the real water in time.

The youngest prince was banished, but he returned a year later for his wedding. The princess, seeing her true love, declared, “This is the man who saved me!”

The king, learning the truth, banished the wicked brothers and made the youngest prince his heir. The prince and the princess married, and their kingdom flourished with their kindness and wisdom.

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Follow Up Questions

Why do you think the youngest prince succeeded in finding the Water of Life when his brothers did not?

If you were in a magical castle, what kind of challenges would you face, and how would you overcome them?

How do you think the youngest prince felt when he saved his father and married the princess?

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