The Young Crab and His Mother


In a peaceful corner of the ocean, a Mother Crab scuttled gracefully along the sandy seabed. Her movements were precise and elegant. However, her young son, a little Crab, walked with his legs turned sideways.

“Why in the world do you walk sideways like that?” the Mother Crab asked her son. “You should always walk straight forward with your toes turned out.”

“Show me how to walk, mother dear,” replied the little Crab obediently. “I want to learn.”

So the old Crab tried to demonstrate, but to her surprise, she could walk sideways only, just like her son. She attempted to turn her toes out, but she stumbled and fell on her nose.

The little Crab watched as his mother struggled. “It seems you cannot walk straight forward, mother.”

The Mother Crab chuckled, a touch embarrassed. “You’re right, my dear. I have been trying to teach you something I cannot do myself.”

The little Crab smiled. “That’s okay, mother. I like walking sideways, just like you. It’s our way, and it works for us.”

Moral of the Story

The Crab and his Mother Story teaches us that it’s important to accept and embrace our own unique characteristics and abilities, as well as those of others. Trying to change who we are or how others are in fundamental ways may not always be necessary or beneficial.

Interesting Facts

Why do crabs walk sideways?

Crabs walk sideways due to the structure of their legs. Their legs are attached to their bodies in such a way that they are stronger and more flexible moving side to side rather than front to back.

This lateral movement is facilitated by the unique articulation of the crab’s leg joints, allowing them to move quickly and efficiently on land and seabed while also minimizing the exposure of their softer front side to predators. It’s a distinctive adaptation that helps them survive in their various environments.

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