The Dog and the Shadow


This is the story of a greedy dog that teaches a moral value.

On a sunny afternoon, a dog carries a piece of meat in its mouth, crossing a stream. As it gazes into the water, it discovers an intriguing sight.

The Tempting Reflection

Dog: (Holding meat) This meat is delicious, but look at that meat in the water. It’s much larger!

The dog’s attention shifts between the real meat in its mouth and the reflection in the water.

The Misguided Decision

Driven by greed, the dog decides to snatch the larger reflection’s meat.

Dog: (Dropping meat) I want the bigger piece!

The dog lunges at the reflection, losing its grip on the real meat.

Dog: (Puzzled) Wait, where did my meat go?

A Lesson in Contentment

The dog’s original piece of meat sinks into the water, lost forever.

Dog: (Regretful) I was foolish to let go of what I had.

The dog learns a valuable lesson about the consequences of its greed-driven choices.

Dog: (Reflecting) It’s better to be content with what I have. The dog’s misguided attempt to attain more led to losing what it already possessed.

The fable’s moral echoes, cautioning against the pitfalls of greed and the importance of appreciating what one has.

Moral of the Story

“Greedy desire often loses what it already has.”

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