Princess Thumbelina and Cornelious


Once upon a time, in a world filled with magic and wonder, there lived a woman who longed for a child of her own. She visited a fairy, who gave her a magical barleycorn. “Plant this,” said the fairy, “and see what happens.”

The woman planted the barleycorn, and from it grew a beautiful flower, unlike any she had seen. To her amazement, inside the flower was a tiny, delicate girl, no bigger than a thumb. The woman named her Thumbelina.

Thumbelina’s world was a blooming garden, where she floated on a tulip petal and slept in a cradle of walnut shells. Despite her tiny size, she found joy in the simple wonders of nature.

But her peace was short-lived. One night, a toad hopped into her nook and, seeing the sleeping Thumbelina, decided she would make a perfect bride for her son. She took the tiny girl to her home in the swamp. Thumbelina awoke in fear, but with the help of friendly fish and a butterfly, she escaped the toad’s clutches.

Her journey home was full of trials. She was taken in by a beetle, who soon cast her out, finding her too different from his kind. Alone and lost, Thumbelina faced the harshness of nature, surviving through the kindness of animals she met along the way.

Winter came, and Thumbelina, with nowhere to go, stumbled upon a field mouse who kindly offered her shelter. The mouse, wanting to see her settled, introduced her to a neighbor, a wealthy mole. The mole was taken with Thumbelina and proposed to marry her. Thumbelina, though grateful for his kindness, couldn’t imagine life in the dark molehill after the beauty of the garden.

As she pondered her fate, Thumbelina discovered a swallow in the tunnel, left behind and injured. Throughout the winter, she nursed him back to health, forming a deep bond. When spring arrived, the swallow offered to take her to warmer lands. Torn between her sense of duty and her love for the garden, Thumbelina chose to follow her heart and flew away with the swallow.

Thumbelina and Cornelious sitting on a flower. Image

They traveled far and wide until they reached a land of warmth and flowers, where Thumbelina met tiny, winged people just like her. Among them was the fairy prince, who fell in love with her at first sight. They married, and Thumbelina finally found a place where she truly belonged, surrounded by love and beauty.

Thumbelina’s tale, with its trials and triumphs, became a beloved story, teaching lessons of courage, kindness, and the enduring strength of the human spirit, no matter how small.

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Follow up Questions

You can ask your children questions to reflect on the story’s themes and relate them to their own experiences, encouraging empathy, introspection, and a deeper understanding of the narrative.

Thumbelina’s Courage: Thumbelina faced many big challenges despite being so small. Can you think of a time when you did something brave even though you were scared, just like Thumbelina?

The Importance of Kindness: Throughout her journey, Thumbelina was kind to everyone she met, including the animals and insects. Why do you think being kind was helpful to her? How does being kind help us in our daily lives?

Finding Where You Belong: In the end, Thumbelina finds happiness with the fairy prince in a place where everyone is just like her. What does ‘finding where you belong’ mean to you? Do you think it’s about being with people who are the same, or is it more about feeling accepted and loved?

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