The Princes and The Pea

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Once upon a time, in a kingdom graced with spiraling towers and tapestries of stars, there was a prince who sought a true princess to share his realm. Many claimed the title, yet none proved genuine. The prince longed for someone with a heart as royal as the blood that coursed through his veins.

One stormy night, as rain lashed the castle walls and thunder clapped its mighty hands, a knock echoed through the halls. The king, with a lantern in his hand, opened the gate to find a young lady drenched from head to toe, her eyes gleaming with hope.

“I am a princess,” she declared, “seeking shelter from the storm.”

The queen, wise and discerning, pondered a test to prove if the maiden’s claim was true. “We shall see,” she whispered, placing a single pea beneath twenty mattresses and twenty featherbeds—a test only the sensitivity of true royalty could detect.

The princess and the pea in the grand bed. Image

The princess was offered the grand bed, and she climbed the lofty pile and lay down to sleep. Yet, when dawn peered through the curtains, she looked weary and worn.

“How did you sleep, dear guest?” inquired the queen at the breakfast table, her eyes searching for truth.

“Oh, I scarcely closed my eyes all night!” the princess exclaimed. “I lay upon something hard so that I am black and blue all over. It was quite dreadful!”

At her words, the prince’s heart soared like a lark at daybreak. Only a real princess could possess such delicate sensitivity. The pea was their proof, the small orb that spoke of her authenticity.

They were married amidst the jubilation of the kingdom, the pea was placed in the royal museum. And thus, the tale of “The Princess and the Pea” became a story passed through generations, a reminder of the subtleties that define the true and the good, and the idea that sometimes, it’s the smallest things that hold the greatest truths.

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Moral of the Story

The Princess and the Pea” teaches that true qualities, such as sensitivity and nobility, often lie beneath the surface, challenging the notion that appearances are the sole indicator of one’s true nature.

The story emphasizes the significance of small things, suggesting that even minor details can have a profound impact. Additionally, it subtly critiques arbitrary standards and norms, highlighting the absurdity of how society sometimes judges worth and authenticity.

Follow Up Questions

Feeling the Pea: Why do you think the princess could feel the pea under all those mattresses? Have you ever felt something small that bothered you while trying to sleep?

Looking Different: The princess didn’t look like a royal when she arrived at the castle. Can you think of a time when someone’s appearance was different from who they really were?

What Makes a Princess: What do you think makes someone a true princess or prince? Is it about how they look, or something else?

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