A Respectable Woman Short Story


This is a modern adaptation of A Respectable Woman by Kate Chopin. Through the lens of Lena’s experiences, this short story reflects on the nuances of marriage, friendship, and the quest for personal identity within the confines of societal roles.

Lena was slightly annoyed when Marc, her husband, casually mentioned over dinner that his old college buddy, Alex, would be crashing at their city apartment for a couple of weeks.

They’d had a busy winter, filled with social gatherings and a few too many weekends away in the city, indulging in what could only be described as tasteful hedonism.

She had been looking forward to some downtime, just her and Marc, maybe binge-watching a series or planning their next vacation in peace. But now, Alex was coming.

Alex was someone Marc always spoke highly of—a journalist with a knack for avoiding the limelight, far from the typical socialite or city slicker Lena frequently encountered.

Despite never meeting him, Lena had sketched an image in her mind: tall, lean, probably a bit too sarcastic for his own good, with glasses perpetually perched on his nose, hands shoved in the pockets of some or other vintage coat. Frankly, she wasn’t thrilled.

When Alex finally showed up, he didn’t quite match her expectations. Sure, he was lean, but not particularly tall, nor dripping with cynicism. Glasses were absent, and his hands were more likely to be found handling his camera than lounging in his pockets.

Surprisingly, Lena found herself warming up to him almost immediately. However, she couldn’t quite pinpoint why. Alex didn’t radiate the charisma Marc had always attributed to him. Instead, he seemed content to fade into the backdrop of their lively apartment, a quiet observer to Marc’s enthusiastic hospitality.

Alex’s courtesy was impeccable, though he never sought to charm or impress. Once settled, he seemed happiest lounging on their balcony, a fresh coffee in hand, as he lost himself in the sprawling city views, remarking how this was the essence of living.

He befriended their aloof cat with surprising ease, though showed little interest in Lena’s suggestions of exploring the city or trying out photography in the urban jungle.

Lena was intrigued yet baffled by Alex’s placid nature, his contentment in simplicity. After a few days of failing to crack his calm exterior, her curiosity turned to frustration. She left Alex and Marc to their devices, retreating into her own world of work and the occasional night out with friends.

But noticing that Alex hardly seemed bothered by her absence, Lena felt compelled to engage him more directly, joining him on his leisurely explorations of the neighborhood, attempting to peel away the layers of his reserved demeanor.

“When’s he leaving, your friend?” Lena asked Marc one evening as they both stood in their spacious, open-plan kitchen, prepping dinner together. “Honestly, he’s starting to wear me out.”

“Not for another week, babe. I don’t get it; he’s been super low-maintenance,” Marc replied, looking genuinely puzzled as he chopped vegetables.

“Yeah, but that’s just it. I wish there was something… more. Like, if he needed something or had some preferences, it’d give me something to do. Plan for, you know?” Lena sighed, half-wishing Alex was a bit more demanding or at least more engaging.

Marc stopped what he was doing and turned to Lena, his hands gently framing her face. They were in their element, cooking and chatting together, a routine that felt as comforting as it was intimate.

“You always manage to surprise me,” he said with a soft chuckle, looking into her eyes, a mix of amusement and love in his gaze. “I can never predict how you’re going to react to anything.”

He kissed her forehead lightly and turned back to the kitchen island to work on his part of the meal prep. “And here you are, taking Alex’s quiet nature as some personal slight, making a big deal out of it when it’s the last thing he’d want.”

“Big deal? Really, Marc? Do you even hear yourself? I thought you said he was supposed to be this brilliant guy,” Lena couldn’t hide her irritation.

“He is smart, but the guy’s just burnt out from work. That’s the whole point of him staying here, to chill out for a bit,” Marc explained, trying to soothe the tension.

“You also mentioned he was supposed to be this great thinker, someone interesting to talk to. Honestly, I was expecting at least some stimulating conversation.

Anyway, I’m heading downtown tomorrow to check out the new studio apartments. Might crash at my sister’s place after. Just text me when Alex leaves,” Lena declared, her mind made up.

That night, Lena found herself alone on their balcony, wrapped in a soft blanket, staring out at the city lights. The evening air was cool, and the sounds of the city were a distant hum.

She felt an unusual restlessness, her thoughts swirling with a mix of frustration and the inexplicable urge to just get away for a while. She couldn’t make sense of her feelings, only that she needed a change of scenery, even if just for a day.

Lena felt the quiet of the night wrap around her as she sat alone on the rooftop garden of their building, the city’s dim glow setting a moody backdrop.

The sound of footsteps on the gravel pathway caught her attention, and soon, a small red glow approached—Alex, enjoying a late-night vape, something Marc never did.

She wished to stay hidden in the shadows, but her light summer dress betrayed her presence under the rooftop lights.

Without any hesitation, Alex joined her on the bench, offering her a lightweight shawl Marc had asked him to bring up. “Marc thought you might need this,” he said, handing it over with a gentle smile. Lena murmured her thanks, letting the shawl rest on her lap, feeling an odd mix of comfort and intrusion.

Alex commented on the chilly night air, then trailed off into a quote, his voice blending into the night, “Night of south winds—night of the large few stars! Still nodding night—”

She didn’t respond, sensing the quote wasn’t really meant for her. Alex’s usual reserve seemed to melt away in the darkness of the rooftop. He spoke with a soft, engaging drawl about his college days with Marc, their shared dreams and the stark reality they now navigated.

Lena found herself caught up not in his words but in the sound of his voice, the quiet intimacy of the moment.

A sudden, inexplicable urge to touch him, to close the distance between them, surged within her. She imagined leaning in, whispering anything, just to feel that connection.

Yet, the very intensity of this desire made her pull back, putting more space between them. The moment she could politely excuse herself, she did, leaving Alex alone under the starlit sky.

As she walked back inside, Lena’s mind raced with thoughts of confiding in Marc, sharing the tumultuous feelings that had gripped her. But she resisted, knowing some battles were meant to be faced alone.

By morning, she was on her way downtown, needing the space to think, away from the confusing emotions stirred by Alex’s visit.

The idea of inviting Alex back was initially met with resistance, but as the year drew to a close, Lena found herself suggesting it.

Marc was pleasantly surprised, interpreting it as a sign she’d warmed up to his friend. “Looks like you’ve finally come around; he really didn’t deserve your cold shoulder,” he said, his tone light.

Lena laughed, genuine warmth in her voice as she reassured him, “I’ve moved past all that. You’ll see. This time, it’ll be different.”

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