Askeladden Who Stole the Troll’s Silver Ducks, Silver Coverlet, and Silver Spoon


Askeladden Who Stole the Troll’s Silver Ducks, Silver Coverlet, and Silver Spoon” is a classic Norwegian fairy tale. Enjoy this magical story.

Once upon a time, there was a poor farmer who had three sons. The two elder sons were considered hardworking and smart, while the youngest, known as Askeladden, seemed to do nothing but sit by the hearth, poking around in the ashes.

“All he does is sit and poke at the ashes,” the eldest brother would scoff, to which the middle brother would add, “No ambition, no drive!”

Askeladden, ever so calm, would simply smile and say, “Sometimes, the answers lie not in the sweat of your brow but in the depth of your thoughts.”

When the news of the troll’s treasures reached the household, the family buzzed with a mix of fear and excitement. “Silver ducks, a coverlet, and a spoon!” exclaimed the father. “Our woes could be ended.”

The eldest son, puffed with pride, declared, “I shall go first. My strength and bravery will surely outmatch the troll.” But he returned empty-handed, nursing his wounds. “The troll is vicious, and his magic, dark. I was lucky to escape with my life.”

The middle son tried next, boasting of his cunning. Yet, he too came back defeated. “His tricks are beyond my grasp. We are doomed to our poverty,” he lamented.

Then, from the shadows of the hearth, Askeladden stood. “I will go,” he said, his voice steady. “Perhaps what is needed is not brute strength or common wit.”

His brothers laughed. “You? The ash-poker? What can you do that we couldn’t?” they jeered.

Askeladden smiled. “Watch and learn, brothers. Sometimes the mightiest force comes from the most unexpected places.”

With the silver ducks, as Askeladden gently coaxed them into his bag with breadcrumbs, he whispered, “Not all treasures need to be taken with force.” And when the troll roared in anger, spotting the theft, Askeladden calmly tossed the magical quill behind him. “Grow, forest, grow,” he chanted, and a dense forest sprang up, separating him from the furious troll.

As he approached the dwelling again, this time for the silver coverlet, Askeladden played a soothing tune on his fiddle. The troll, unable to resist, began to dance. “Dance, troll, dance away your greed,” Askeladden sang.

The troll, caught in the spell of the music, could only dance helplessly as Askeladden grabbed the silver coverlet and fled. When the troll gave chase, Askeladden threw the magical mirror. “Rise, mountains, rise,” and a mountain range emerged, halting the troll’s pursuit.

Finally, with the silver spoon, Askeladden faced the troll’s wrath directly. Hiding under the bed, he held his breath as the troll stomped in. “I smell the scent of a human,” the troll bellowed.

“Must be the wind playing tricks on you,” Askeladden whispered to himself, waiting for the troll to fall into a deep sleep before making his escape. As the troll’s snores filled the room, Askeladden crept out, the silver spoon in hand. “Flow, river, flow,” he called upon using the magical horn, creating a vast river that protected his path home.

Upon his return, Askeladden was met with disbelief and joy. “How did you do it?” his brothers asked in awe.

“With a bit of cleverness and a heart brave enough to try,” Askeladden replied, his once-dismissed qualities now shining brighter than the treasures he had secured.

And so, the family’s fortune was made, and Askeladden was seen in a new light—not just as the youngest son, but as a hero whose intellect and resourcefulness had saved them all.

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Follow Up Questions

How does Askeladden manage to outwit the troll for each of the silver treasures?
What lessons does the fairy tale aim to teach its readers?
Are there other adventures of Askeladden in Norwegian folklore?

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