Bobby the Bear’s Winter Nap


In the heart of the Whispering Woods, where the trees chatted with the winds and the brooks sang lullabies, lived Bobby the Bear—a curious, playful, and slightly forgetful young bear.

As the days grew shorter and the nights crisper, Bobby noticed a change in the air. The leaves had painted themselves in shades of amber and red, and his forest friends were all bustling about. The squirrels were darting to and fro, hoarding nuts, and the birds were taking flight to warmer lands.

“What’s all the fuss?” wondered Bobby, watching a squirrel dash past him with an acorn almost as big as its head.

“It’s time to prepare, Bobby!” chirped Bella the Bluebird. “Winter is on its way. Don’t you need to get ready for your long sleep?”

Bobby the bird and bella the squirel. cartoon image

Bobby’s eyes widened in realization. “Oh, that’s right! My winter nap!” He had been so engrossed in his play that he’d forgotten all about hibernation.

With newfound determination, Bobby set out on his mission. First, he needed to gather food. He remembered Mama Bear’s advice: “Eat lots, my cub, so you grow strong during your slumber.”

He feasted on juicy berries, succulent fish from the clear streams, and honey he’d (carefully!) borrowed from beehives. With every meal, Bobby could feel his energy reserves filling up, preparing him for the long sleep ahead.

Next, he needed to find the perfect cozy spot. He inspected caves, burrowed under trees, and even considered an abandoned rabbit hole. But nothing felt just right.

Feeling a bit dejected, Bobby sat on a hilltop, gazing at the horizon. That’s when he spotted it—a large, ancient tree with a hollow trunk, lined with soft moss and shielded from the winds.

“Perfect!” Bobby exclaimed.

He gathered soft leaves and pine needles, making a snug bed. He even found a patch of lavender, which he placed by his pillow to ensure sweet dreams. With everything set, Bobby snuggled in, ready to drift into his winter nap.

Before closing his eyes, he looked out one last time, seeing his friends still at their winter preparations. “See you in spring,” he whispered, grateful for the bustling reminder they’d provided.

And as the first snowflakes of winter began to dance around the Whispering Woods, Bobby the Bear, tucked in his cozy nook, embarked on dreams full of adventure, warmth, and love.

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Follow Up Questions

You could ask these questions to your kid to enhance comprehension, stimulate critical thinking, and encourage personal connections to the story.

  • Why was Bobby the Bear surprised when he saw all his friends preparing for winter?
  • How do other animals in the story prepare for winter?
  • How do you prepare for colder weather or seasonal changes in your own life?
  • Have you ever forgotten something important like Bobby forgot about his hibernation?
  • How would you feel if you were going to take a long nap like Bobby?

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