Daddy the Daylight Vampire


In the town of Moonhaven, where every day felt magical, young Ariabel lived with her unique father. He wasn’t like other dads in town. He was a vampire. But not the kind that lurked in shadows or haunted old castles; he was a daylight vampire, one of the very few in existence.

Every morning, as golden rays painted the sky, Ariabel’s dad would rise, don his suit, and head to work. “Remember, Ari,” he’d often say with a twinkle in his eye, “not all vampires are bound by the night.”

Ariabel cherished her extraordinary dad, but she was always curious about his choice to embrace the day when others of his kind reveled in the night.

On Halloween, as Ariabel was adjusting her fairy wings for the school parade, she inquired, “Daddy, why do you love the day so much?”

He smiled, helping her with her costume. “Ari, the day is vibrant, filled with life, colors, and joy. It reminds me to always seek the light, to find the good in everything, and to cherish every moment.”

That evening, as children in their colorful costumes roamed the streets, Ariabel and her dad prepared to hand out candy. But instead of the usual treats, they had special sun-shaped cookies, a tribute to her dad’s love for daylight.

As kids approached their home, they’d exclaim, “Wow! Sun cookies on Halloween? That’s different!”

Ariabel would proudly reply, “They’re from my dad, the daylight vampire. He says it’s always good to be a little different and to find your own light.”

As the night wore on, many kids and even parents started talking about the unique sun cookies and the lessons they held. They realized that it’s okay to be different, to find your own path, and to always look for the light, even in the darkest times.

When the last cookie was given out, Ariabel hugged her dad. “Thanks, Daddy, for teaching us all to shine in our own way.”

He bent down, kissing her forehead. “Always remember, Ariabel, it’s our differences that make us special. Embrace them, and you’ll always find your way.”

May this tale of Ariabel and her daylight vampire dad inspire young listeners to celebrate their uniqueness and always seek the light within themselves and others.

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