Tim and the Generous Witch


In the heart of the town of Willowbrook, where Halloween was celebrated with great enthusiasm, children eagerly awaited the night they could dress up and go trick-or-treating. Among these children was a young boy named Tim, known for his insatiable sweet tooth.

On this particular Halloween, Tim had a plan. “I’m going to get more candy than anyone else!” he declared to his friends, wearing a bright astronaut costume, his helmet reflecting the moonlight.

As the evening began, Tim rushed from house to house, often pushing past other kids and taking more than his fair share of candy. “More for me!” he’d gleefully exclaim.

However, as he approached a quaint house at the end of the lane, covered in purple and green lights, he noticed something different. An elderly woman dressed as a witch sat on the porch with a cauldron full of candies.

“Ah, young astronaut,” she greeted with a smile. “How much candy would you like?”

Tim, seeing the vast amount of candy, was tempted to ask for it all. But something in the witch’s kind eyes made him hesitate. “Um, just one, please,” he replied shyly.

The witch chuckled. “Very well. But because of your politeness, I’ll give you three candies and a special coin.” She handed him the treats and a shiny golden coin with a pumpkin engraved on it.

Tim looked at the coin curiously. “What’s this for?”

The witch leaned in and whispered, “That coin is magical. Whenever you share with someone, it’ll bring you good luck.”

Throughout the night, Tim remembered the witch’s words. He started sharing his candies with kids who had less, with friends, and even with a sad-looking dog. And as he shared, he felt a warmth and happiness he’d never felt before.

By the end of the night, Tim didn’t have the most candy, but he had a pocket full of magical coins and a heart full of joy.

Back home, as he recounted his adventure to his parents, his mother smiled, “You’ve learned the magic of sharing, Tim. And that’s more valuable than any candy.”

Tim nodded, clutching his coins. “The generous witch taught me that sharing doesn’t make you have less; it makes your heart fuller.”

May this story of Tim’s magical Halloween night remind young listeners of the joy of sharing and the magic that kindness can bring into our lives.

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