The Little Blue Cat

In a town not far away Lived a little blue cat named May.

Every day she’d stretch and play,
And chase her bright yarn ball away.

“Hello, May!” chirped the bird, up in a tree.
“Want to come up and play with me?”
May looked up, her eyes shining with glee,
But said, “Bird, I’m a cat, I can’t climb that tree!”

Across the street, there was a big brown hat,
It danced and it twirled – imagine that!
“Hey May,” it called, with a tip and a pat,
“Want to hide beneath, little blue cat?”

May purred and replied, “That sounds fun to me,
But my whiskers tickle, you see.
I’ll chase my ball, as lively as can be,
And maybe later, under you I’ll flee.”

The sun started to set, painting the sky.
Stars twinkling, the moon up high.
May felt sleepy, letting out a sigh,
It was time for bed, no more sky to spy.

She curled up tight, her yarn ball near.
Dreaming of adventures, far and near.
Goodnight, little May, have no fear.
For in the morning, new joys will appear.

So, close your eyes, like May, and rest.
Dream of the things you love the best.
Tomorrow is another quest,
But for now, goodnight, and God bless.

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