Ella The Elephant and the Spider’s Web


This is the story of Ella the elephant. She faces her fear of spiders to help friends, learning that true bravery is helping others despite being afraid.

In the heart of the lush jungle, where vibrant flowers painted the air with their sweet scent and leaves rustled in the gentle breeze, lived a gentle elephant named Ella.

Ella was the largest animal in the jungle, her big floppy ears and long, swinging trunk making her a beloved figure among the animals. Yet, despite her size, Ella harbored a secret fear—she was terrified of spiders.

One sunny morning, as Ella ambled towards the waterhole, the soft, desperate voice of her friend, Timmy the Tortoise, reached her ears.

‘Ella, could you help me, please? I’m stuck in a thorny bush, and I can’t get out,’ Timmy pleaded.

Without hesitation, Ella used her strong trunk to gently pull Timmy free. ‘Thank you, Ella! You’re so brave!’ Timmy exclaimed, his eyes wide with gratitude.

Ella smiled, though a shadow of doubt lingered in her heart. She always avoided the tall grass near the old oak tree, knowing it was home to many spiders.

Later that day, as Ella was savoring some juicy leaves, a tiny, frantic cry pierced the air. It was Sophie the Squirrel, perched on a branch, her eyes wide with worry.

‘Ella, I need your help! My baby brother is trapped in a web!’ Sophie cried, pointing to a nearby bush.

Ella’s heart raced, her pulse quickening as fear gripped her. She didn’t want to go near the spider’s web, but she couldn’t leave Sophie’s brother in trouble. With a deep breath, Ella summoned all her courage and walked slowly to the bush. There, she saw a small spider diligently spinning its web around the tiny squirrel.

‘Excuse me, Mr. Spider, could you please let the little squirrel go?’ Ella’s voice trembled slightly as she spoke.

The spider, his eight tiny eyes twinkling with surprise, paused in his web-spinning. ‘Oh dear, I didn’t realize! I’m terribly sorry for the scare,’ he said, his voice as soft as silk threads.

With a flick of his legs, the spider released the baby squirrel. Ella gently lifted him with her trunk and returned him to Sophie, who wrapped her tiny arms around Ella’s leg in a grateful hug.

‘Thank you, Ella! You faced your fear and saved my brother!’ Sophie exclaimed, her eyes shining with admiration.

Ella realized that even though she was afraid, she could still be brave and help her friends. From that day on, Ella wasn’t as scared of spiders. She even made friends with Mr. Spider, who taught her all about the wonderful things spiders do for the jungle.

Ella learned that being brave doesn’t mean never being afraid—it means helping others even when you are afraid.

And so, Ella the elephant, the bravest animal in the jungle, continued to spread kindness and courage wherever she went.

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Follow Up Questions

Why was Ella afraid of going near the tall grass by the old oak tree?

How did Ella help Sophie the Squirrel’s baby brother?

What did Ella learn about being brave by the end of the story?

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