Good Night Moon

In the sky so high and blue,
Moon smiled softly, bright and true.

“Moon, Moon,” whispered the tree,
“Sing your song, just for me.”

The wind did hush, the birds did nest,
As Moon began what she does best.

“Moon, Moon,” said the star,
“Your lullaby travels far.”

Over mountains, tall and grand,
Across the oceans, over land.

“Moon, Moon,” the ocean sighed,
“Your song brings the tide.”

Babies in their beds do lie,
Listening to Moon’s soft lullaby.

“Moon, Moon,” the baby coos,
“Your song brings sweet dreams, it’s true.”

With a wink and a glow so slight,
Moon sang on, lighting the night.

“Moon, Moon,” we all say,
“Thank you for ending our day.”

In the sky so high and blue,
Moon sang on, as dreams flew.

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