Iron Hands Fairy Tale


“Iron Hans” is a Brothers Grimm fairy tale about a wild man and a young prince. Here’s the story:

Once upon a time, a king’s hunters captured a wild man named Iron Hans, covered in hair and with immense strength. Iron Hans was locked in a cage in the castle’s garden, and the king warned that anyone who let him escape would be punished.

One day, the young prince, curious, played with his ball near the cage. “Be careful not to lose your ball here,” Iron Hans warned. But the prince’s ball fell into the cage, and he begged Iron Hans to return it. Iron Hans agreed, on the condition that the prince free him. The prince opened the cage, and Iron Hans took him into the forest to a secret kingdom, promising to help him when needed.

Years passed, and the prince, now grown, needed help. Iron Hans transformed him into a fearless warrior and sent him to a kingdom at war. The prince excelled in battle, his identity hidden under a helmet.

At a royal ball, the princess became curious about the mysterious knight. “Who are you, brave knight?” she inquired. “I am a warrior from a distant land,” he replied, giving her a handkerchief stained with three drops of his blood.

When the kingdom was at peace, the prince revealed himself. Iron Hans, now free from his curse, appeared in his true form as a king. The prince and princess married, and Iron Hans bestowed upon them great riches.

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Follow Up Questions

  • “What would you do if you found someone like Iron Hans in a cage? Would you help them escape and why?”
  • “How do you think the prince felt when he was living in the forest with Iron Hans? Can you imagine living in a forest?”
  • “If you had a chance to receive any help from Iron Hans, what would you ask for and what adventure would you go on?”

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