The Secret Adventures of Tom Thumb


“Tom Thumb” is a classic fairy tale, often included in collections of children’s stories. Here’s a retelling:

Once upon a time, in a small, bustling village, there lived a couple who longed for a child. No matter the size, they often wished, even if he were no bigger than a thumb.

One day, their wish was granted by a mysterious fairy. “Your wish is heard,” she said, and granted them a son, no bigger than a thumb. They named him Tom Thumb.

Despite his small size, Tom was courageous and smart. “Fear not, for what I lack in size, I make up for in heart!” he often declared.

One day, Tom’s mother was preparing a pudding. Tom, eager to watch, climbed up to the edge of the pot. But, oh! He slipped and fell in! When his mother served the pudding to a tinker passing by, Tom started to shout from within, “Hello in there! Can you hear me?”

Startled, the tinker exclaimed, “What sorcery is this? A talking pudding!” and he dropped the bowl, allowing Tom to escape.

Another adventure saw Tom getting swallowed by a cow after he climbed a clover to explore. Inside the cow’s stomach, he yelled, “It’s dark in here! Could use some light!” The surprised cow, disturbed by the tiny voice, was led to a doctor. Tom was eventually sneezed out by the cow!

Tom’s father once took him to the fields, where he was almost eaten by a raven. “Excuse me, kind bird, but I am not your supper!” Tom shouted from the raven’s beak. The bird, shocked, dropped him right into a giant’s castle.

The giant, amused by Tom’s size, decided to keep him for entertainment. But Tom was not to be kept captive. “Giants might be big, but they aren’t always the brightest!” he chuckled to himself. He stole the giant’s treasures and ran away.

Tom’s final adventure was with some thieves. They asked him to help steal from the King’s treasury. “Just let me inside, and the gold is yours!” Tom proposed. Once inside, Tom started throwing the treasures out. “Catch!” he cried. The noise alerted the guards, and the thieves were caught.

Tom, however, cleverly escaped and returned to his parents. They were overjoyed to see him. “No matter how big the world, there’s always a place for the small,” Tom said, and from then on, he stayed home, living happily ever after.

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Follow Up Questions

Here are three simple questions you can ask kids about the story of Tom Thumb:

What is the smallest place Tom Thumb finds himself in during his adventures? This question encourages children to recall specific scenes from the story, such as Tom being in the pudding or inside the cow’s stomach.

How does Tom Thumb escape from the giant’s castle? This question prompts children to remember and discuss Tom’s cleverness and bravery in outwitting the giant.

What would you do if you were as small as Tom Thumb for a day? This is a more imaginative question, inviting children to think creatively and relate to the character’s unique experiences.

These questions are great for engaging young minds in a discussion about the story and encouraging them to think more deeply about the plot and characters.

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