Moses And The Ten Commandments


In a land long, long ago, the Israelites, led by Moses, were on a grand journey. They had escaped from a mean Pharaoh in Egypt and were headed to a special land, promised by God. But they needed some rules to help them live happily and kindly with each other.

One day, God called Moses from a mountain called Mount Sinai. The mountain was covered in thick clouds, and there was thunder and lightning. It looked mysterious and magical!

God said, “Moses, come up to the mountain. I have something very important to give you.”

Brave Moses climbed up, and at the top, God gave him two stone tablets. On them were written ten special rules – the Ten Commandments.

God said, “These are the rules I want my people to follow.”

Moses looked at the tablets. He read:

Believe in only Me.
Don’t worship statues.
Be careful with My name.
Rest on the seventh day.
Listen to your mom and dad.
Always be kind; don’t hurt others.
Keep your promises, especially in marriage.
Don’t take what’s not yours.
Always tell the truth.
Don’t be jealous of what others have.
Moses nodded. “I understand, God. These are wise rules.”

When Moses went back to the people, he showed them the tablets and said, “Look! God has given us these wonderful rules to help us live happily together.”

The Israelites nodded in agreement. They promised to try their best to follow these rules.

And so, with these ten special commandments, the Israelites continued their journey, knowing they had wise rules to guide them.

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