Mulan Bedtime Story


In ancient China, the drum of war echoed across the lands. An imperial decree called for one man from every family to join the army. In a small village, Mulan’s heart sank as her father, weakened by age and past battles, accepted the summons.

“Why must you go, Father? You have given enough,” Mulan implored.

“It is my duty, my child,” her father replied, his voice weary.

That night, under the silver caress of the moon, Mulan made a bold decision. She cut her long, flowing hair and donned her father’s armor. As dawn painted the sky with courage, she mounted her family’s stead, ready to face the unknown.

At the training ground, Mulan kept to herself, her secret sealed behind the mask of a soldier named Hua Jun. “Stand tall, be fierce,” she would whisper to her reflection.

Days turned to months, and Mulan’s bravery in training earned her the respect of her comrades and her commanding officer, Captain Li Shang. “You fight with the heart of a dragon,” Shang praised, unaware of the truth.

The clang of steel and the roar of battle tested Mulan’s mettle. She fought valiantly, her secret shielded by the chaos of war, until a fateful arrow found its mark. In the healer’s tent, her identity was revealed.

“You deceived us!” Shang exclaimed, feeling the sting of betrayal.

“I did it for my father, for honor!” Mulan defended, her spirit unbroken.

The punishment for her deception was death, but the war was not over. When the invaders attacked once more, Mulan saw her chance to redeem herself. She devised a plan to save the emperor and the kingdom.

With her fellow soldiers, now her sworn brothers, they disguised themselves and infiltrated the enemy. Mulan’s courage inspired them, her plan was bold and cunning.

In the heart of the enemy’s lair, Mulan’s true spirit shone. She used her wit to outsmart the invaders and saved the emperor from certain doom.

“You have saved us all,” the emperor exclaimed, offering her a place of honor among his court.

But Mulan’s heart longed for home. “I wish only to return to my family,” she humbly requested.

Upon her return, Mulan revealed her true self to her family. “My daughter, you are the bravest of us all,” her father said, his eyes brimming with pride.

The legend of Mulan spread far and wide, a tale of a daughter’s love, a warrior’s heart, and the boundless strength of a woman’s spirit.

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Follow Up Questions

  • Why did Mulan decide to disguise herself as a soldier and take her father’s place in the army? What motivated her to make this bold decision?
  • How did Mulan earn the respect of her comrades and her commanding officer, Captain Li Shang, despite keeping her true identity a secret?
  • What were some of the challenges and dangers that Mulan faced during her time in the army and on her mission to save the emperor? How did she use her wit and courage to overcome them?

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