19 Mystery Riddles Only The Smartest People Can Solve


If you love giving your brain a workout with puzzles so tricky they could test a detective, then you’re going to enjoy these mystery riddles.

Our latest blog post is a carefully curated collection of the most intriguing crime riddles, designed to pull you into a world of mystery and intrigue.

From hard riddles about murders that will have you on the edge of your seat to mystery murder riddles with answers that promise satisfaction for every solved case, we’ve got it all.

Prepare to examine clues, analyze alibis, and deduce motives in this exciting journey through the darkest corners of the human mind. Can you solve these perplexing crimes before the answers are revealed?

Your investigation starts now!

1. The Murder at the Manor Riddle

A man was found murdered on a Sunday morning. His wife called the police, who questioned the wife and the staff. The wife said she was sleeping, the cook claimed he was cooking breakfast, the gardener claimed he was planting seeds, and the maid said she was getting the mail. Who murdered the man?


The maid. There is no mail delivery on Sunday.

2. The Vanishing Pearls Mystery

A wealthy woman dies. In her will, she leaves her pearl necklace to her maid, but the necklace goes missing from the safe. The only people who knew the combination were her two sons, the maid, and the butler. The police arrest the thief the next day. Who stole the necklace?


The butler. He was the only one who didn’t need to know the combination to access the safe.

3. The Silent Poisoning

A man invites his friend to dinner at his home, eager to catch up over a homemade meal. He meticulously prepares two identical plates of food, ensuring both he and his guest have the exact same portions. Alongside the meal, he serves a glass of crystal-clear water to each of them.

They engage in lively conversation, enjoying the food and sipping their water. The evening winds down, and the friend heads home, but tragically, he falls ill and dies from poisoning shortly after. Astonishingly, the host, having shared the same meal, remains perfectly healthy.


The poison was in the ice of the water. The host’s ice had time to melt, but the friend’s did not.

4. The Library Mystery

A dead body is found in a library, the victim to a fatal head wound and there are no signs of struggle. The room was silent except for the presence of three individuals at the time: the librarian, meticulously organizing the return of books to their shelves; a man in a green jacket, deeply engrossed in a novel about ancient history; and a woman, taking notes. Nearby, a heavy, ornate bookend, usually secured to a shelf for display, is found out of place on the floor.

Who is the murderer, and what clue gives them away?


The woman. There were no signs of struggle, suggesting the victim was caught off guard while interacting with someone familiar, like someone asking for help with notes.

5. The Locked Room

A man is found dead in a locked room with a puddle of water and a broken piece of wood. How did he die?


He died by standing on a block of ice to hang himself. The ice melted, leaving the puddle of water.

6. The Stolen Ring

A woman reports her vintage ring stolen from her house. When the police arrive, they have four suspects: the gardener, the cook, the butler, and the maid. The ring was stolen four days ago, and the only clue is a muddy footprint in the house. Who stole the ring?


The gardener. The footprint was a clue he had been inside the house recently, despite having no reason to be.

7. The Deserted Island

A man is found dead on a deserted island with a pack beside him. How did he die?


He died of dehydration. The pack was a parachute pack, indicating he survived the fall but not the island’s conditions.

8. The Poisoned Wine

At a party, a billionaire is poisoned and dies. The police narrow it down to six suspects who had the opportunity to tamper with the wine. They all drink from the same bottle without dying. How did the billionaire die?


The poison was in the billionaire’s glass, not the wine bottle.

9. The Forgotten Book

A famous author is found dead in his study. There are no signs of forced entry. The only items in the room are a pen, a sealed envelope on the desk, and a book on the floor. How did he die?


He died of a heart attack. The scene suggests he was in the middle of writing something urgent but natural causes took him.

10. The Art Heist

A painting goes missing from a gallery. The suspects are the owner, who was at an auction, a guest, who was seeing another exhibit, and the cleaner, who was in the storage room. The painting was found behind the cleaner’s cart. Who stole the painting?


The cleaner. Placing the painting behind his cart was an attempt to smuggle it out unnoticed.

11. The Midnight Train

A man is found dead on a train at midnight. The only other people on the train are a cabin attendant, a bartender, and a famous chef. The man died of a severe allergic reaction. How did he die?


The bartender. The man had a known allergy, and the bartender, having access to his drink, could easily introduce the allergen.

12. The CEO’s Last Meeting Mistery

A CEO was found dead in his office after a meeting. He was last seen alive by his secretary, who said he had a meeting with the CFO, the COO, and the CMO. The room was locked from the inside. How did he die?


He committed suicide. The evidence points to a scenario where no one else could have harmed him due to the locked room.

13. The Disappearing Diamonds

A jewelry store reported missing diamonds during a blackout. There were three employees in the store: a security guard, a salesperson, and a cleaner. The diamonds were found in a bag of cleaning supplies. Who stole the diamonds?


The cleaner. Hiding the diamonds in a cleaning bag was a way to disguise the theft.

14. The Silent Film

A famous movie director is found dead in his home cinema room. The film was still playing when his body was discovered. There were no signs of forced entry, and the house was locked from the inside. How did he die?


Natural causes or an accident. The ongoing film suggests he was alone, and the locked house indicates no one else was involved.

15. The Coded Message

An agent was found dead with a coded message in his pocket. The code read “First of January, Fourth of July, Last of December”. The suspects were Miss January, Mr. July, and Mrs. December. Who is the killer?


Mr. July. The message pointed to the “Fourth of July.”

16. The Poisoned Book

A librarian is found dead, and a rare book is missing. The suspects are three regular visitors: a professor, a student, and a collector. A note found near the librarian mentioned a specific page number. The book was later found in the professor’s office, untouched except for that page. How did the librarian die?


The professor. He poisoned a specific page, knowing the librarian would handle the book and come into contact with the poison.

17. The Art Forger’s Demise

An art forger is found dead in his studio, surrounded by his unfinished works. There are no signs of forced entry, but a recently completed painting, now missing, is suspected to be the motive. How did he die?


He was likely killed by a dissatisfied client or a partner in crime over the missing painting.

18. The Mysterious Lighthouse

A lighthouse keeper is found dead at the top of the lighthouse. The door was locked from the inside. The only clue is a diary entry that says, “The light must be kept on at all costs.” How did he die?


He died of natural causes or an accident. His diary entry shows his dedication but no foul play.

19. The Vanished Scientist

A renowned scientist working on a confidential project disappears. His lab is found in disarray, with a complex formula left on the blackboard. The suspects are his assistant, his rival, and his financier. Who is responsible for his disappearance?


The assistant. The chaos suggests an inside job, and the assistant would have access and possibly a motive.

20. The Forgotten Heirloom

A valuable family heirloom goes missing during a large family gathering. The suspects include various family members, a butler, and a gardener. The heirloom was later found buried in the garden. Who stole the heirloom?


The gardener. Burying the heirloom suggests an attempt to hide it temporarily with the intention of retrieving it later.

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