Noah’s Ark Story for Kids


Long, long ago, when the world was still young, people forgot to be kind and good. Everywhere, except in one little corner, where a man named Noah lived. Noah was different. He was kind to every person and animal he met.

One day, while Noah was tending to his garden, he heard a voice. It was God! “Noah,” God said, “I’m sad because people have forgotten how to love and care. But you, Noah, you have always been good. I have a special job for you.”

“What do you want me to do?” asked Noah, looking up at the sky.

God replied, “Build a big boat, Noah. An Ark because there’s going to be a huge flood. But with your Ark, you, your family, and two of every kind of animal will be safe.”

Noah was surprised but trusted God. He began building the Ark. It was HUGE! People laughed and pointed. “Why build a boat here, Noah?” they’d tease.

But Noah kept building.

Soon, animals started arriving, two by two. Lions, elephants, monkeys, even tiny ants. They all marched into the Ark.

“Come on in,” Noah would call out, “there’s a spot for everyone!”

Once they were all aboard, the skies grew dark. Rain began to fall, softly at first, then heavier and heavier. It rained for forty days and forty nights! The whole world was covered in water, but Noah’s Ark floated safely on top.

Inside the Ark, it was cozy and warm. Noah and his family took care of the animals. They played games, sang songs, and shared stories.

One day, the rain stopped. Noah sent out a dove to see if there was dry land. The first time, it came back with nothing. But the second time, it returned with an olive branch! And the third time, it didn’t return at all, meaning it had found a place to rest.

Soon after, the Ark landed on a mountain. The ground was dry! God had kept His promise. As Noah, his family, and all the animals stepped out, they saw a beautiful rainbow stretching across the sky.

“This is my promise,” said God, “that I will never flood the whole Earth again.”

Noah was grateful. He, his family, and all the animals danced and cheered under the rainbow, ready to start fresh in this new world.

And that’s the tale of Noah, the big Ark, and the promise of the rainbow!

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