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In the heart of London, there lived the Darling family: Mr. and Mrs. Darling, their sons John and Michael, and their daughter Wendy. The children were fascinated by the stories of Peter Pan, a boy who lived in the faraway Neverland and never grew up.

One starry night, Peter Pan flew into the Darling nursery, looking for his shadow which he had lost there. Wendy, awoken by his crying, asked in surprise, “Who are you? And why are you crying?”

“I’m Peter Pan,” he replied, frustrated, “and I’ve lost my shadow! I can’t seem to get it to stick.”

“Oh, Peter Pan from the stories! Let me help you. I can sew it back on for you,” Wendy offered excitedly, and she did just that.

Delighted, Peter offered, “Would you like to come to Neverland, Wendy? You can be the mother to the Lost Boys.”

Wendy agreed, and with a sprinkle of fairy dust from Peter’s companion, Tinker Bell, the Darling children flew off to Neverland.

In Neverland, they encountered mermaids, the fierce Tiger Lily, and the dreaded Captain Hook, a pirate with a grudge against Peter Pan. Hook was notorious for his run-ins with Peter and his fear of a crocodile that once ate his hand and developed a taste for him.

Upon meeting the Lost Boys, Peter introduced, “Everyone, this is Wendy. She’s going to be like a mother to us!” The boys cheered in excitement.

Wendy told them stories and cared for them, but soon realized she missed her real home. “I love it here,” Wendy confessed to Peter one evening, “but I miss my parents and our home in London.”

One day, Captain Hook captured Wendy and the boys. He left a poisoned cake for Peter, but Tinker Bell, sensing danger, warned Peter, “Don’t eat that cake, Peter! It’s poisoned.”

In a brave act, Tinker Bell drank the poison herself. To save her, Peter implored children everywhere to believe in fairies. “If you believe,” he pleaded, “clap your hands. Don’t let Tink die!” And their collective belief revived Tinker Bell.

Peter then rescued Wendy and the boys, defeating Hook in an epic battle. As Hook fell into the sea, he met his fate with the waiting crocodile.

The adventure ended with Peter Pan escorting the Darling children back to London. “Will you stay with us, Peter?” Wendy asked.

But Peter refused, as he never wanted to grow up. “I can’t stay, Wendy. I must always be a little boy and have fun. But I’ll come back for you every spring.”

As the years passed, Peter returned for Wendy, but eventually, she grew up, and he took her daughter Jane to Neverland. The cycle continued, symbolizing the eternal nature of childhood and imagination.

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Follow Up Questions

What adventure do you think Peter Pan and Wendy will have next in Neverland?
If you were one of the mermaids in the lagoon, what fun activities would you do?
How would you help Peter Pan and Wendy if you were a character in their story?

Peter Pan Coloring Sheets

You can download the free 9 Peter Pan coloring sheets in PDF HERE. It includes coloring pages for Tinker Bell and Captain Hook.

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