Scavenger Hunt Clues For Around the House

Scavenger hunt clues are the creative and engaging elements that drive the excitement in a scavenger hunt game. These clues lead the players around the house to find the treasures.

The clues can vary greatly. They can be riddles that challenge participants to think abstractly, rhymes to add a poetic twist, photographs indicating the target location, puzzle pieces that reveal information when assembled, or even cryptic and vague hints that require clever problem-solving.

Here you find a series of scavenger hunt clues and riddles suitable for both inside and outside the house. These riddles will be designed to lead participants from one location to another, creating an engaging and fun experience. Here are some ideas:

Scavenger Hunt Clues Inside the House

1. I have a spine but no bones, and within my pages, knowledge is sown. Find me where stories rest, and you’ll pass this test.


A book on a bookshelf.

2. Bright but not dazzling, I light up the room. Flip a switch to dispel the gloom.


A lamp or light fixture.

3. Open and close, but I’m not a door. White inside like a coconut but you can’t eat me and I am always fresh.



4. Stand before me and see your reflection, I’m not a photo, but I show your complexion


A mirror.

5. I have keys but open no lock, with letters and numbers, your words I stock.


A computer keyboard or typewriter.

6. I get hotter as I work, but touch me not. I make your clothes wrinkle-free, spot by spot.


An iron.

7. In me, you’ll find forks, knives, and spoons, tucked away, ready for dining at noon.


A cutlery drawer.

8. I’m full of coats and shoes, but not a soul, guarding the entrance, that’s my role.


A coat closet or entryway.

9. Filled with soap and bubbles, I offer you a scrub, a place for relaxation, and a refreshing rub.


A bathtub.

10. Round or square, for a group or just one, gather around me when meals have begun.


A dining table.

11. In this corner, stories unfold, with images bright and bold. I bring worlds to life, both young and old, a box of tales, forever told.


Television (TV).

12. A place for relaxation, where guests are met, with cushions aplenty, comfort is set.


A sofa or couch in the living room.

Scavenger Hunt clues for Rooms in the House

13. A communal space where stories are shared, with seats aplenty and comfort spared. Not quite a room that’s meant for bed, but here, both laughter and tears are shed. Where family gathers by day or night, in the glow of the screen or the fireplace light.


Living Room

14. A place where secrets are both kept and spilled, where elements are mixed, chopped, and grilled. A room where recipes come to life, with pots and pans, and the occasional knife. Here, aromas tell tales of culinary art, where nourishing magic is at the heart


the kitchen.

15. At day’s end, here you recline, in dreams and darkness, you’ll find me fine.


Bed in the bedroom.

16. At day’s end, here you recline, in dreams and darkness, you’ll find me fine.


Bed in the bedroom.

17. A throne of sorts, in a room so small, where you answer nature’s most personal call.


Toilet in the bathroom

18. Around me, you gather to eat and to chat, sharing meals and stories, where you’re sat.


Dining table in the dining room.

19. A throne of sorts, in a room so small, where you answer nature’s most personal call.


Toilet in the bathroom.

20. A house for your car, with tools galore, here you store more than a roar.



21. A room of books, knowledge, and screens, where work is done and learning gleams.


Desk in a home office or study.

22. Here clothes spin and tumble, getting clean, in this machine’s watery sheen.


Washing machine in the laundry room.

23. High in the house, beneath the roof, here lies memories and seasons’ proof.



Scavenger Hunt Clues Outside the House

24. I’m not a tree, but I have leaves. In autumn, they’re a task that grieves.


A pile of leaves or a garden.

25. Standing tall, I chime and ring, telling time is my thing.


A garden clock or sundial.

26. A tiny house with no room to dine, letters arrive here by design.



27. I can’t walk, but I roam the yard, keeping the grass short is my regard.



28. Filled with water but not a cup, in summer days, I’m where you splash and jump.


Swimming pool.

29. Outdoors you’ll find me, green and wide, where flowers bloom and secrets hide.


Garden or backyard.

Rhyming Scavenger hunt clues around the house

30. Tick tock, watch the hand move around, where I’m hanging, time is found.”


a Clock

31. Swirl, twirl, and spin about, in this machine, clothes go in dirty and come out.”


Washing Machine

32. In here you scrub, in here you rinse, cleansing your day off, it’s really quite a cinch.


Shower or Bathtub

33. Where you lay your head at night, under covers, out of sight


a Bed

34. A place for shoes, all in a row, find me where the many feet go.


Shoe Rack

35. Low to the ground, but high in use, over me, you sip your juice.


a Coffee Table

36. Rows of stories, rows of tales, in bindings strong, adventure sails.


a Bookshelf

37. Pull me out and take a seat, where eating and chatting become a treat.


Dining Chair

38. A cozy spot when the night is cold, here, flames dance, bold and bold.


a Fireplace

You can find more complex riddles HERE

Hard Riddles for Scavenger Hunt

39. I speak without a mouth and hear without ears. I have nobody, but I come alive with the wind. What am I?


An echo

39. The more you take, the more you leave behind. What am I?



40. I am not alive, but I grow; I don’t have lungs, but I need air; I don’t have a mouth, but water kills me. What am I?



41. I am taken from a mine and shut up in a wooden case, from which I am never released, and yet I am used by almost every person. What am I?


Pencil lead.

42. I have cities, but no houses. Mountains, but no trees. I have water, but no fish. What am I?


A Map

How to write scavenger hunt clues

To make a fun scavenger hunt, mix clue types like riddles, puzzles, and visual prompts to keep it lively and appealing.

Then decide where you want to hide the object. Once you have a location set think of creative ways to describe the item or the location without saying what it is exactly. Describe what it does, how it feels, and what its purpose is.

For example, if you hide something behind a Behind photo in a frame. something like this will describe it: Captured moments in time I hold, memories framed, both new and old. Look behind the smiles frozen still, there you’ll find your next thrill.

Plan a logical and coherent route, guiding participants from clue to clue.

Where to hide clues for scavenger hunts

You can hide the clues for scavenger hunts anywhere around the house inside and out, or even play in a basketball court.

Inside the House hide the clues for example in a Bookshelf, Cushion or Pillowcases, Clock, Kitchen Containers, Photo Frame, Plant Pots, Coat Pockets, Cupboard Under the Sink, DVD/Book Cases, and Drawer.

Outside the House, you can shose a spot for the clue Under a Rock, Garden Bench, Flower Pot, Tree Hollow, Mailbox, Barbecue Grill, Fountain or Bird Bath, Garden Statue or Ornament, Shed, Bicycle Basket, or any other place.

Or if you go camping is a perfect time to run a scavenger hunt, you can find the camping riddles and more clues here.

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