Sleepy Eyes, Mommy’s Here


In a cozy room, soft and light,
Lay a little baby, eyes so bright.
Night had fallen, stars did peep,
But the little baby just wouldn’t sleep.

“I’m scared of the dark,” he whispered low,
“I don’t like it when the lights all go.”
But mommy was there, with a hug so tight,
“Sleepy eyes, it’s all alright.”

“Close your eyes, don’t you fear,
Mommy’s here, oh so near.
In your dreams, you’ll take flight,
In lands of joy and gentle light.

The moon’s a friend, with a silvery glow,
Watching over you, you know.
Stars twinkle like fairy’s eyes,
Singing lullabies from the skies.

So close your eyes, my baby dear,
Feel my love, I’m right here.
In your heart, keep my kiss,
And drift to dreams in nighttime bliss.”

With mommy’s words, so soft and sweet,
The baby’s fears began to retreat.
His eyes fluttered like butterfly wings,
Embracing sleep and the dreams it brings.

And in the morning, with the sun’s first light,
He woke with a smile, so happy and bright.
“Mommy, I slept!” he giggled with glee,
“Thanks for watching over me.”

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