Coco and His Kitten Friend

a cute dog and a cat having fun. debtime story . image cartoon

Once upon a time, in a cozy little town, there lived a fluffy and slightly clumsy puppy named Coco. Coco was not just any puppy; she was a chocolate brown ball of energy with floppy ears and a tail that never stopped wagging. One sunny morning, Coco woke up with a yawn and a big … Read more

Martes and the Gentle Ghost

martes the dog and the ghost story

In a quaint town where Halloween decorations adorned every corner, Martes, a fluffy brown dog with bright blue eyes, was known for one peculiar trait: he was terribly afraid of ghosts. Every time he heard a ghost story or saw a ghost costume, he’d tuck his tail and hide. As Halloween approached, the children in … Read more

Buddy The Puppy

a puppy sleeping with a toy.

Once upon a time, in a cozy little house on a quiet street, there lived a tiny, fluffy puppy named Buddy. Buddy was the bravest pup you’d ever meet, but he had one little fear – the dark. Every night, when the moon peeked through Buddy’s bedroom window, the room would fill with mysterious shadows, … Read more

Puppy’s Dreamy Night

a puppy get ready to sleep. A bedtime story for kids

In a cozy little nook, where the stars twinkled bright, Lived a puppy named Penny, a ball of pure delight. As the sun dipped low and the day took its flight, Penny readied for sleep with all her might. With fur as soft as clouds and eyes full of glee, Penny gathered her toys, one, … Read more