The Story of The Snowman


The story of The Snowman is a fairy tale by Hans Christian Andersen. It serves as a poignant reminder of the beauty and tragedy inherent in longing for something beyond one’s reach.

Once upon a frosty winter’s day, just after the world had been cloaked in a blanket of snow, a SnowMan came to life in the backyard. With eyes made of coal, he looked out curiously, marveling at his snowy realm. Everything was a wonder, fresh, and gleaming under the sun.

Not far from him, an old Yard Dog lay cozy on his mat, eyeing the new Snow Man with a mix of interest and wisdom. The Dog had witnessed the dance of the seasons many times over and knew the secrets they held.

“Welcome to the garden,” the Yard Dog barked gently. “I’ve seen many winters. You stand tall and proud now, but remember, the nature of snow is to melt away when warmth returns.”

The Snow Man, puzzled, tilted his head. “Melt away? What does that mean?”

“You are made of winter’s touch,” the Dog explained. “When spring’s warmth kisses the earth, you will disappear. But for now, dream and wonder, for that is your magic.”

The Snow Man’s attention, however, drifted to a mesmerizing glow from the house’s window—a stove that flickered with inviting light. A strange warmth tugged at his heart.

“Why do I feel drawn to that stove?” he asked, a quiver of longing in his voice.

“That glow is fire. For you, it’s danger,” the Dog cautioned. “I’ve basked in its warmth during cold nights, but for you, it spells the end.”

The Snow Man couldn’t grasp it. “But wouldn’t it be wonderful to feel warm?”

The Dog sighed, “You yearn for warmth because you do not know it. To melt is to fade away, to lose the magic that is you.”

As days turned to nights, the Snow Man found himself dreaming of the stove’s warmth, his longing deepening with the moon’s every cycle. The crisp air, once invigorating, now seemed to whisper of things he could not have.

When the whisper of spring began to unfurl, the Snow Man noticed his snowy form softening. He recalled the Dog’s words but his heart still ached for the warmth he’d never know.

In his final moments, as he gently melted away, the Snowman pondered if the warmth he desired was worth the price of his fleeting existence.

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Follow Up Questions

What do you think the Snow Man learned about longing and dreams during his time in the yard?

Why do you think the Yard Dog warned the Snowman about the stove? What does this tell us about the Yard Dog?

If you were the Snow Man, would you still want to feel the warmth of the stove, knowing it would make you melt? Why or why not?

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