The Day Liam Stood Still


Liam had always been a ball of energy, darting from one corner of the house to the other. His mother often joked that he had springs in his shoes, while his father likened him to a hummingbird. But today was going to be a day unlike any other. Today was the day of their family portrait.

“Come on, Liam! We need to get you dressed in your special outfit!” called his mom from the living room.

“But I don’t wanna wear the itchy sweater, Mom!” Liam protested, running around in circles.

His dad laughed, “Come on, champ. It’s just for a little while. Plus, you get to see yourself in a big picture with all of us!”

Liam paused, intrigued. “Like in Grandma’s house?”

“Exactly like that!” said his dad.

After what felt like hours of getting ready, with lots of laughter, a few minor mishaps, and a very reluctant Liam, the family finally arrived at the portrait studio. The room was big, with bright lights and a background that looked like a beautiful meadow.

“Liam, remember to stand still just for a bit, okay?” whispered his mom.

But standing still was not on Liam’s agenda. He jumped, made funny faces, and even tried to hide behind the props. The photographer, a patient lady with a kind smile named Miss Clara, had a trick up her sleeve.

“Hey Liam, do you know the magic of photographs?” she asked, kneeling to his level.

Liam’s eyes widened. “Magic?”

Miss Clara nodded. “Yes. You see, every time you look at a photograph, it can take you back to the day it was taken. The laughter, the joy, and all the love. But for the magic to work, you need to stand still just for a few seconds. Can you do that?”

Liam thought about it. “Like a time machine?”

Miss Clara chuckled. “Exactly! Ready to try?”

Taking a deep breath, Liam nodded. He stood still, holding onto his parents, as Miss Clara captured the moment.

Once the portrait was done, the family thanked Miss Clara and headed home. That night, as Liam lay in bed, his mom came to tuck him in.

“Did you learn something new today?” she asked.

Liam nodded, “Pictures are like magic time machines. But you have to stand still to make the magic work.”

His mom smiled, kissing his forehead. “That’s right. Sometimes, life’s special moments need us to pause and take it all in.”

And with thoughts of magic photographs and time machines, Liam drifted off to sleep, dreaming of all the memories he’d make and cherish in the years to come.

The End

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